Monday, June 28, 2004


One score and five years… A quarter of a century... Twenty-five... 25.

For some reason, this number holds a special significance, hallmarking an achievement of time. Distinctive anniversaries are celebrated in the attainment of this epoch. The “ruby anniversary”, so they say. It exemplifies how one prevailed the test of time.

For most people, the age 25 gesticulates the dawn of maturity. It holds the portal to adulthood. By this time, it is expected that one capable of making solid and mature decisions. That with the passing of time, one has endured the trials and learned from it; He has conquered adequate achievements to make him strive for more; He has made some mistakes to make him humble enough. He has gathered enough experience to him make wise.

May 30, 2004 – marked the 25th year of my life.

How time flies so fast. It seemed like it was yesterday that I cried when my mother dropped me off on my first day in nursery… Off I went to college and graduated with flying colors. Now I’m a Sales Executive in an international consumer goods company. It was not so long ago, so it seems, that I used to content myself playing with my dolls. Now, I’m busy fantasizing about my dream house and asking myself if I could ever have a family of my own: a husband to be devoted to and kids to love, in this lifetime?

Still, I am happy that I have reached this stage. I have so much to be grateful for in my life… So much, that I can’t thank God enough. As I reflect upon my life’s journey, I have seen His signature inscripted in every phase of my life. From the expansive facet down to the most intricate detail, God hand exquisitely wove every thread, every fiber of my LIFE.

I have had several victories. From them I have learned to set my goals higher. I have learned that excellence is something I can achieve, and I should always bear – whatever task there is. Mediocrity is something to be precluded. God is always by my side to give me the strength and the power to win.

Along my journey, I have stumbled several times. Sometimes I fell on soft grounds, sometimes on rocky grounds. But no matter how big or small the stubble is each stumbling spot is precious. Yes, they hurt so much. Every time I bleed the wounds leave a mark. Each scar has its own unique story to tell. They remind me of the precariousness of life and how feeble I am. On my own, I can do nothing. But I have managed to rise. God gave me the humility to face my weaknesses and accept them. He has provided me with enough confidence as well to change whatever things I can still change in me.

The experiences I had – the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly – have enriched me. I am what I am because of what I have experienced. The past has taught me that life is indeed unfair, but God is good. I can’t have it all, but God gives me what I exactly need.

What might have been “chances” in my life are certainly God-engineered circumstances. God has been with me all through these years, and He will remain to be at my side in the next years to come. Victory, happiness and more blessings I claim!

Next year I will be 26, then 27, 28, 29, 30 and so on…I might be able to reach until 100? Who knows? … But I’ll never be young again. I pass this stage only once. And so for this year, I declare that it will be great! Because I am 25.

On Bended Knee

(my brokenheart's prayer)

Dear God,

I feel so bad. Truly, deeply hurt. But I know this is for my own good. I thank you, God, for protecting me. I admit there are things that I want so badly, yet they might not do good to me. Thank you for veering me away from it.

Even if it feels painful, I know you are protecting me from a far deeper pain that I might feel in the future. This situation also reminds me of a much greater plan You have in-store for me - than what I am wishing for right now. Yet, despite this mindset I cannot deny the sadness in my heart.

Please bring me comfort. Help me to always look at what what I am bound to receive, than what I have just lost. Let me see things at a bigger perspective - in line with Your will for me.


Saturday, June 26, 2004

A Peek Into the Rose-Colored Glass

Hi! Have a seat and make yourself comfortable.... Here, have a glass of Lemonade.

Welcome, friend, into my personal page. If you have accessed this through my invitation, consider yourself part of the privilege few. If ever you just came here by chance, consider your self .... lucky? Hehehe =)

You have just entered into a different and unique dimension. A realm of a deeper perspective of me. An aperture of my soul; the orifice of my heart. This is my vent for voicing my opinions, my feelings, my hopes, my dreams. Things about myself and the world around me that I'd like to share and publicize.

Will be posting an entry or two, once in a while. Anecdotes, personal views, anything in my world. I'm sharing it with you. Here's a peek into my rose-colored glass. Hopefully, by unveiling a part of me I'd be able to move, inspire, motivate and even perhaps help you. That at least in my own little way I have touched someone. This is the difference I want to make.

Thank you, friend, for dropping by. Feel free to visit me here from time to time!

Friday, June 25, 2004

Testing 123 ...


Finally, an on-line journal site for me. Now, I can have a spot where I can post my views and opinions about myself and the world around me. As for my old-fashioned diary - will still keep it with me. I could not afford to let it go. It's where the reccesses of my most intimate thoughts thrive.

I love to write. Writing is my source of discernment. It provides me way of understanding things and situations - why it is, how it is, and most importantly how to face them. Most of my exquisitely made writings are done out from my lowest moments. Writing is my way of coping. Writing keeps me alive. Writing keeps me sane.