Monday, June 28, 2004

On Bended Knee

(my brokenheart's prayer)

Dear God,

I feel so bad. Truly, deeply hurt. But I know this is for my own good. I thank you, God, for protecting me. I admit there are things that I want so badly, yet they might not do good to me. Thank you for veering me away from it.

Even if it feels painful, I know you are protecting me from a far deeper pain that I might feel in the future. This situation also reminds me of a much greater plan You have in-store for me - than what I am wishing for right now. Yet, despite this mindset I cannot deny the sadness in my heart.

Please bring me comfort. Help me to always look at what what I am bound to receive, than what I have just lost. Let me see things at a bigger perspective - in line with Your will for me.



Edwin said...

you are not alone.

corinne said...

hello pink patio.. hehehe hello dear friend.. i just want you to know that your preti friends will always be here for you. just a text away. anway, i know my comment is a bit too late na hehehe. love you ding.. you're beautiful and a brave person. cheer up!