Saturday, June 26, 2004

A Peek Into the Rose-Colored Glass

Hi! Have a seat and make yourself comfortable.... Here, have a glass of Lemonade.

Welcome, friend, into my personal page. If you have accessed this through my invitation, consider yourself part of the privilege few. If ever you just came here by chance, consider your self .... lucky? Hehehe =)

You have just entered into a different and unique dimension. A realm of a deeper perspective of me. An aperture of my soul; the orifice of my heart. This is my vent for voicing my opinions, my feelings, my hopes, my dreams. Things about myself and the world around me that I'd like to share and publicize.

Will be posting an entry or two, once in a while. Anecdotes, personal views, anything in my world. I'm sharing it with you. Here's a peek into my rose-colored glass. Hopefully, by unveiling a part of me I'd be able to move, inspire, motivate and even perhaps help you. That at least in my own little way I have touched someone. This is the difference I want to make.

Thank you, friend, for dropping by. Feel free to visit me here from time to time!


kittin said...

as always, you have touched me... you really write well. you just did the right thing-- sharing to the world what's in your mind, i know you have so much in there...

BabyPink said...

hi rhy. diane ni... nice blog you got here... keep on writing.:)

BabyPink said...

by the way, i linked you up, ha...:)