Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Boy Meets Girl

(Excerpts from Josh Hariss's Book)

"If you're single, I believe that God wants you to see that your story has begun. Life doesn't start when you find a spouse. Marriage is wonderful, but it's simply a new chapter in life. Its just a new way to do what we're created to do --- to live for and glorify our Creator.

Right now God is working all the elements of your life together for your good (Romans 8:28). This time in your life is part of your story. Maybe it's not what you had planned. Maybe you wish your Prince or Princess would have arrived now. But God is right on schedule. He knows exactly what's He's doing. He hasn't overlooked you. The circumstances you're going through---no matter how difficult---are part of the very happy ending He has planned.

Trust God's sovereignty. He sees your end and your beginning. His plan for your life can't be thwarted. He is in control. Trust God's wisdom. If marriage is His will for you, He knows exactly what you need in a spouse. And in His unfathomable wisdom, He knows when you'll be ready. His timing will be perfect. Trust God's love. Hasn't He given His very life to save you from sin? Hasn't He demonstrated His love on the cross? Then He can provide for your lesser needs too. Even your present trials are part of His loving plan for you. And whatever God has in store for tomorrow will be another expression of His love.

The Creator of romance, the Maker who arranged the first "boy meets girl" in the Garden so very long ago, is still at work."


Let go and let God. I have a matchmaker. I have lifted my wounded heart for His healing. And as Christ nurses my broken heart, I rest in His peace and love. Rest. A calming, relaxing one.

Momentarily, I declare a "man-fast"... A time to be alone. A time to be with myself. A time to be with the people that truly love and care for me - my family and friends. A time to get closer with God. A time to make myself productive. A time for me to explore new hieghts and soar even higher....

It feels good. Because I know I am at peace. Deep in my heart lies hope, love, and faith.


Edwin said...

just finished reading this book last week =) learned a lot of things about God's design for relationships and marriage. also shared some of the things i learned with my girlfriend who's in a distant place right now. i'm guessing you've been through a long distance relationship. back to the book, i also read i kissed dating goodbye.. learned a lot of things from it as well =)