Sunday, October 10, 2004

On This Sunday Afternoon

It is supposed to be a very busy Sunday afternoon for me. I have a Monday deadline to beat - which, Oh! by the way is tomorrow. This leaves me with only 17 hours left to finish my report. However, I feel my internal and emotional systems are not cooperating! Instead of beating the white horse, I feel oh so lazy!

I think I got to unwind a little before I get on to my business. That's why I'm here. I have not updated my blog in weeks, since I never had the time to do so. But I just realized, I will never have the time if I won't take the time.

So many things have happened. Much more on my emotional recovery. I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. No, we haven't gotten back. And no, I have not found someone new. Nada! But am now singing a different tune. I prefer to write about it some other time.

Meanwhile, let me share to you what I really want to do at this very hour. I want to lie in bed and read Michelle Hammond's books. Oh, wait I just borrowed a couple of DVD's. Mmmmm, watching movies sounds pretty relaxing too! And here's my stomach grumbling, reminding me that I am hungry. Lemme see, I think I want to eat sundae or Mango crepe or any ice cream. Aahhh, what a life!

In the meantime, let me make do with what I have. Got to get back to my work now. Got to smile. That's the art of positive thinking. And yes, I'm going to have a one fun Sunday afternoon! =)