Monday, January 03, 2005

Photo Testing

Originally uploaded by Rhyanne.
I have been trying ways and means to attach pictures in my blog.

Well here's another brave attempt. My nth attempt ... I lost count but here goes nothing.


Hope it works this time.


Rhyanne said...


But hey, how did I do it???


I'm pathetic!

ANNA said...

wow! ganda babae!

BabyPink said...

copy and paste mo na lang, sis, para mas madali tapos ilisdi ang URL sa pic.:)

Dindo said...

Hi! Nice pic...and thanks for posting my first ever comment in my blog. Anyways i need your help, since i'm a few days old in this blog world, i couldn't post a pic in my profile. Need help. I already used "Hello" by Picassa but still got error regarding the URL thing when i'm editing the profile. Thanks in advance. Anyways my email ad is