Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My Crowning Glory

Last night I had a haircut. Driven precisely out of impulse. I do not know what got into me – but at that particular moment I wanted to do something new with my hair. Perhaps I suddenly felt my hair was boring and I wanted to add some flair into it.

But as it turned out, I got more than what I asked for. It was too short. This realization dawned on to me – only this morning. I looked at myself in the mirror. And horror of all horrors, I was shocked. I am still not used with my new do.

Albeit assurance from my father and mother that I look great, I feel otherwise. Basing from my own personal standard of beauty, I do not look as lovely as I want to be. Ergo, I do not like my new hairstyle. Now, I have come to realize what a vital role a hair can do in accentuating ones beauty.

I want to cry, I want hide, I want scream… Oh no! The cut has been done. Might as well accept this mishap. Got to handle this situation in a more mature approach.

I should not fret and frown, lest, I broadcast to the world that I hate my hair. Frowning would only make me more unattractive. At least, there is always the assurance that my hair will grow – in a month’s time. But while I’m still at this stage, I need to make do with what I have.

Thinking about it now, there are actually lots of creative ways to offset my hair scare. First off, I need to heighten my over-all appearance. Got to be more fashionable with my outfit. With my short bob, I should wear trendy and stylish clothes to compliment my look. With summer season in tow, I can be a bit “summery” in my look. Accessorize. Fashion earings, necklace, and bracelets galore! They can help put the accent on my new crop to make me look chic. Highlights and hair color could probably add a bit of sass… Must carry the whole ensemble with confidence and poise. It will not be the hair that will matter – it’s how I will carry it. This is what I call, “projection”.

Of course these are all but physical amendments. There is more than what meets the eyes. I am referring to the more essential matter, that which cannot be blatantly seen - the beauty from within. High time for me to shun vanity and amplify the real beauty that matters.

I should make my “inner beauty” work harder this time. I must capitalize more on my personality and character, which will eventually emanate externally. Thus, I need to be more generous with my love; more grateful and careful with my words; more tender with my care. It also means that I should smile wider, sing louder, hug tighter, and love more sincerely. I must do these things freely and earnestly. There’s never faking it. My beauty should radiate from the inside.

After all that has been said, I have come to recognize the value of ethereal beauty. It all boils down to attitude. Long hair, short hair, whatever… I still am beautiful. This is my crowning glory.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Here Comes The Sun

new horizon
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No one can go back and make a brand new start. But anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

At last, the long awaited time for me has come. I am punctuating the end of my past. I cannot undo the things from yesterday. But I still have the option of shaping my tomorrow.

I know I have cried a lot. My eyes sated with tears, that it has blocked my sight to see the blessings that have come my way. I have given much impetus on what I have lost, failing to see the beautiful side of it - freedom.

Now that I am single and available, I am exposed to limitless possibilities. While I am still unattached, I have some chances of meeting anybody - say, the most eligible bachelor in town? Or who knows - the country's heartthrob idol, or perhaps just a simple ordinary person, like me. Whoever he might be the point is that while I am still single, I am open to infinite serendipities.

But don't get me wrong. My mission is not to search for a new love. No, Not yet. After the spending too much time under the rain, I think I need ample time for respite. Allow me to indulge for some solitary interlude.

Freedom. Hope. Zest. Discovery. Exploration. More. Much More.

Life offers a thousand chances. And while that door of chances is not yet closed, I can practically savor this moment and be happy, beautiful and free!