Friday, April 29, 2005

Me Thinks....

Uh-oh.... me thinks my blog's got a problem. I cannot access it using my blogger add. Nor can I view my blog at all.

Is this a systems problem, or there really is a problem with my blog? If so, can anybody help me?

But then again... is there anyone reading my blog in the first place?

Sigh! Suddenly, I feel alone... It's such a lonely planet, afterall.

Friday, April 22, 2005

A Smile For Me

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I collect smiles.

Back in college, I am so fond of that yellow-round-faced Mr. Smiley. From bags, to notebooks, pens, fans, lampshades, mugs, clips and even slippers, I got them all. Friends would not have a hard time at all buying me gift.

I do not know what endeared me to Mr. Ol Smiley. Color? Yellow was never my favorite color. Pink is. Shape? Never had any partiality over shapes. It mustbe the symbol it signifies. SMILE - a representation of happiness, contentment, peace, and joy.

Smile is a miracle worker. Amidst the hurly-burly of things, a smile relieves stress.

Smile makes up for a good icebreaker. In a very discomforting situation, a smile provides a smart option to crack some icy tension.

Smile is a good peacemaker. It is a good antidote of anger.

Smile is the easiest defense. When faced in a very embarrassing situation, a smile provides for a graceful defense mechanism.

Smile is the best morning primer. Mornings set the indications on what to expect in a day. A smile in the morning makes for a good start.

Smile is the best accessory. Timeless and classic, a smile paints a lasting beauty of elegance. Smile brings out the real beauty from within.

A smile costs nothing but brings a lot of things. Smile, and the world will smile at you. It is one of life's finest things. And hey, it's free!

I have now reached that satiation point where I curbed my penchant for Mr. Smiley. I no longer collect Smiley stuff. I may have outgrown my collection, but I'll never outgrow my love for smiling.

I am a lover of smiles. And yes, I collect real genuine smiles.

Now, would you pause for a while and smile for me?


Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Crowning Glory (part 2)

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On the second thought... my hair's not that bad, after all. It may not exactly be the hair that can "launch a thousand ships", but it is not so bad as it seems.

Nevertheless, I would still underline what I have spoken before. "Time to shun vanity and amplify the real beauty that matters." The beauty of my heart.