Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Silence

I know I have recently been silent here in my Pink Patio... Yeah, based on my historical records I am unfortunately a consistent irregular blogger. In as much as I want to blog everyday, I only detail essential things that matter to me...Things that shape my world and perhaps illuminate my future... Things that swell in my heart.

My silence here is catapult to my active (blog)drive in my PINK CADILLAC. Hey, this girl just wanna have fun. After so much mourning from my past, I am giving myself a break.

Lately, a lot of things have happened. And oh how much I want to detail them. But I am too busy for that as of the moment. Our company is brewing up something BIG. A major production, with collosal work load, high hopes and gigantic expectation. Tough toll indeed!

I survived a heart break, I know I can handle this! I'm a toughie! ;)


Lanee Girl said...

dapat toughie jud =) stay happy =)based sa ako na read sa imo blog, ferti sb to imo lagablab istory oi, hehehehe! glad ur finally okay =)