Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pink Patio Turns One

June 25 marks the birthday of Pink Patio.

I was first introduced to blogging from Nina. She used to send me the link of her page. I like reading her entries (she’s a good writer). But back then I never entertained the idea of making a blog of my own. It was only until a heart-breaking experience that brought me here.

This blog was created out from a broken heart. I needed a receptacle of my pain, hurts, and doubts – where I can fully pour out the turmoil from within.

Since then, Pink Patio has been a witness to the unfolding of my significant life-changing realizations and sentiments. As I leafed through the pages of my previous posts, one entry after the other – I have seen the peaks and valleys of my emotions. From the time I was nursing my wounded heart, to my struggles in rising up to my feet, and now to my new found single-happy-free demeanor.

When I almost lost my blog , I was sad. No, grieving. It was as if, a part of me was lost. It was a startling revelation for me. I never realized the degree of attachment I have with blogging. I am not a regular blogger. But when I do, I make it a serious feat. I find solace from blogging. Pink Patio provides me with a good therapy, when I need it.

Over and above my self-expression, Pink Patio has also been a good conduit for me to connect with my friends. Along the way, I bumped into old friends and even found new ones too. Their words, support and encouragement have helped me progress along the way. And yes, they are my inspiration that drives me to blog some more. Knowing the fact that someone cares, someone that I can share – all the things that I, alone cannot bear, gives me confidence.

As I move along in my life’s journey, Pink Patio will continue to be the aperture of my soul; the orifice of my heart.

And to you my friend, hope you make yourself comfortable as you sit with me – here in my pink patio. Enjoy the adventure as we frolic under the sun – up until dusk comes around. And yes, the view from here looks lovely and pink!


Ariel said...

Happy Birthday. Sounds like blogging has been a means of grace. I feel the same.

Lanee Girl said...

Happy Birthday Pink Patio =)
right, blogging helps a lot - therapeutic jd =)
if u got through ur "dark days", i'm hopeful that i'll get through mine too......

BabyPink said...

belated happy birthday, blog! abi nako'g wa pa ka ma-update sa imong tag-iya ng perting busy-ha nga tao.:)