Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Prologue

Days after we parted goodbye, my mind was haunted with “what ifs?”

What if I joined them in Green Hills?

What if I mustered enough courage to flirt?

What if? What if? What if? … An array of questions paraded before my mind whenever I thought of him and the short bittersweet one-sided puppy-love affair I had with him.

As I tried to answer the questions one by one, I came up with a conclusion that no matter what I do – nothing could ever change the fact that we were never (nor ever will be) meant to be. Going out with them for the last time, will never change the reality that I have to go home to CDO and him to Sydney. Flirt as may, it will never change the truth that he would never be able to reciprocate my attraction for him.

Now as I look back, I can fully hold my head high with no regrets. At least I never made a fool of myself. I kept my pride and my dignity. And at least if ever by some infinitesimal chance, he’d think of me – he will remember me as a “fine young girl who was prim and proper – trying her best to make her mark in the midst of global business excellence”.

After everything, I am grateful for the experience. Memories of those unexpected moments will be immortalized with nostalgic happiness and delight.

I believe our meeting was for a reason. His role was to teach me how to open my heart anew. Not necessarily to him, but for that someone special yet to come. After mourning from a not so lovely past, I took a self-shielding stance against love. But this experience has taught me to take aside my fears and inhibitions. It has reminded me how sweet it is to love.

Yes, I am now opening my heart. I am giving love another chance. I am willing to fall in love again. I may not know when it will happen, not even who my leading man will be. But one thing I’m sure, the best is yet to come.

This is just a prologue of my beautiful love story…


BabyPink said...


you go, girl!:)

Lanee Girl said...

RIGHT! Everything that happened shows that you can now open your heart to love again - it may not be him but am sure there is someone who is coming - just wait. Patience is always a virtue - hehehe ;)

Lanee Girl said...

your posts give me hope that i'll get healed too =)