Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Leap of Faith

Closing doors. Moving forward. Braving the unknown…

In a few weeks from now I will be saying goodbye to my family, friends and work here in my hometown. A new department in the head office was institutionalized and I am part of those who will be driving it. Hence, the transfer.

Just when things at work are starting to get comfortable, just when I can do things with eyes closed, just when life seems easy and uncomplicated… How I wish I could stay and forever remain this way. But I cannot… I must not.

I think my transfer is just but right on time. Should I prolong my stay, everything will become routinary. Thus, will I content myself with what I now consider mundane activities. The comfort of the old and familiar things will eventually lure me to get myself stuck in mediocrity.

I believe life comes in stages. One must experience the joys and the pains in each of the stages in order for one to grow and to learn. Growth never comes without pain. The path to success is not a walk in the park.

Easier said than done. But aside from the pain of separation, I have to deal with my fears. The fear of the unknown. I have a daunting task at hand. Not to mention, the expectations from other people for me to perform and deliver the desired results.

Anxious and afraid I may be, but I am marching on. Amidst all these hesitations, I know God is with me. He will never leave me. He will supply me with the wisdom and strength that I need. I am ready to take that big leap of faith!


BabyPink said...

asa ka ma-assign, rhy?:)