Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Call it a miracle or at least, providence.

Like a peppermint balm, his email soothed away all my fears. Again, another surprise came to seize my day. I never expected for him to email me. We have lost touch for a quite a while already. But wonders of all wonders, I am so ecstatic that he did! And what he said are the very words I needed to hear. His message has definitely sent me floating in the air.

"Congratulations Rhyanne! I had hoped that something good for you would come of the project and it looks like it has. You have a lot of responsibility to get the plans in order, but I am confident that you are the right person for the job - after all, you have seen the worst it can be so you have a very good idea of what the best should look like! Again, well done Rhyanne, you deserve the step up and I wish you all the best."

Mr. “Unexpected Moments” never fails to give me unexpected pleasant surprises! Yeah, I know it means nothing but a friendly congratulatory note on his part. Yet, I can’t help myself feeling this way. Although trust that I am doing all my best to restrain all these funny feelings inside me. I still am struggling to clearly see things as they are, and not as what I hope nor “feel” them to be. It’s a battle... I will get there eventually.

Argue with myself I may, but I am still glad that he dropped me a note to reassure me that things will be just fine. Perfect timing, indeed. Could this be the makings of God? Could He be using him to tell me His message for me? Wow! What a messenger - a divine providence for the day, enough to make Rhyanne smile.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

rhy, i understand how you feel. hehehe i myself will be very kilig if someone i look up to (or someone i like) will email me in that tone. dont worry about the interpretation, or whatever he means by that email, one thing is for sure - he cares about you and looks up to you. good luck rhy and ill miss u.. - patty

Lanee Girl said...

congrats =)

BabyPink said...

promoted again, sis? wow! there's no stopping you na gyud! i'm so proud of you! congrats!:)


myepinoy said...


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myepinoy said...

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