Monday, November 14, 2005

It's a Home!

With the end in mind of recreating a home for myself, dressing up the place was a serious thing for me. This place is going to be my sanctuary, my escape away from the busy life I live outside.

I want to have a cozy and sassy feel of my place. As the girl that I am, I want a “Rhyanne” ambiance over my place – a territory where I call my own. Mine.

The colors of my walls are a plus thing for me. It inspired me to play around with it. With a mix-match of orange and blue, I selected all furnishings in these colors, plus a tinge of lavender for additional contrast.

Decorating my place was so much fun! Buying my stuffs was equally enjoyable. However, paying my bills is not. But then again, it’s for a reasonable cause. I call this as an investment. The comfort and refuge that my home gives me is priceless.


Pie said...

hi rhy! nice place! :)

Anne said...

just the place I imagined! it's so you... =)