Friday, November 18, 2005

Mi Casa

I am a queen, and this is my palace.

Building a home of my own signifies a big step for me. After investing so much and finishing the embellishments, it finally dawned on to me that I am really on my own now. The reality of me leaving my family has finally become so apparent to me. I am now totally free and independent.

Welcome, as I tour you around in my humble abode:

My living room cum bedroom. This futon is a couch by day. Adjust its lever at the back, it converts to a cozy little bed for me at night.

My study lounge. In as much as I do not want to bring my work at home, I can do nothing but at least make it comfortable and relaxing for me. I really searched hard for these dangling flower “curtains”. The windows are wide enough – to give me a good view of city lights at night. But the best part of it is by daybreak, where I can witness the slow sunrise at the crack of dawn. Ahhh… Heavenly!

My Kitchen - just enough for me to prepare my quick meals. No serious cooking here as I usually eat out.

My Bathroom. My beauty bar haven. I have to admit I spend long hours here. On top of my beauty rituals – I always clean it everyday. After every bath, I make sure wipe dry the tiles before going out. This, I would say is the cleanest part of my home.

Having a home of my own is totally fun. I may be alone, but not necessarily lonely.


Lanee Girl said...

wow, how cute! it must've been really fun =)

BabyPink said...

oooh! i like, like it!:)