Sunday, November 06, 2005

A place of my own

Aside from toiling over with my new work assignment from my recent transfer, my mind was stressed out as well in finding a place for me to stay. Much of the strain emanates from the pressure of providing myself with a comfortable, cozy and secure place. Not to mention the distance from my place to my office. It has to be somewhere near. Plus, the budget – should be within my pocket’s reach.

I am living all alone and I want to provide for myself a place where I can look forward in going home to. I want to recreate a home, a home of my own. Work is stressful enough in itself. I want to relax and unwind when I go home, a place that will give me a respite after a hard day’s work.

After two weeks of research – internet, newspapers, and even Brokers, I felt disappointed. Not one unit came close to my qualifications. I prayed hard for this. I almost gave up, and I almost compromised my standards. Until one fateful Saturday afternoon, I stumbled to an ad listing on the net. When I went to check out the place, I immediately fell in love with it.

The security is strict - indication of safety. Sanitation is good. Facilities are wonderful. It has a pool and a gym, both free for all tenants. Parking is safe and secured. The unit itself is clean, airy, and spacious enough for me and my things. The windows are big to let ample sunshine in. And the major bonus that kept me hooked was the hue of my unit.

My unit has a Mediterranean tone – painted with a mix of tangerine and royal blue. It looks contemporary, sleek and chic. I can just imagine the final look, when I begin to start embellishing it. It’s definitely going to be one bachelorette’s haven… A place which I will call my own.


BabyPink said...

wow! pagka-guapa ana nga unit oi... perfect for you! congrats, rhy!:)

Pie said...

ganda nga rhy! housewarming tayo soon!!! :)

Lanee Girl said...

nice place! enjoy decorating =)