Monday, December 26, 2005

Home for the Holidays

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I am home for the holidays. It has been a week since I took my vacation leave from work. What a life! Waking up late, eating home-cooked meals, spending time with my family, catching up with my friends… Wish I could do this everyday… And so I spoil myself with all these “feel good” moments - while I still can.

The latest buzz I gathered here in my hometown -


Around ¾ of my batch in high school is married. The remaining bunch is still with no significant romantic partners. For the unmarried ones, a little pressure is felt. But hey, we have our own different callings and different timings in life. I find relief knowing that I’m going back to Manila – where there are more single unattached women my age – just like me. Hahaha! Misery loves company!


Mama is busy with her preparations for her upcoming seminar on “The Purpose and Power of a Woman”. She will be conducting a free seminar for the Ladies Ministry in the church. And did I mention how happy she is that I’m home? I am her designated assistant, critic, editor, graphic consultant, and listener - all for the labor of love. But I find it a great privilege to assist her. I have learned something new. I have expanded my horizons.

Mama is quite stressed on this lately. Take it easy ma, everything will turn out fine! I’m here for you.


My sister is love struck. She’s 15. She thinks she is in love.

She is now entrapped in her own world. She’d go to a corner – stare at the ceiling and smile. She is elated knowing that she has a mutual understanding with her crush. Without her articulating it to me, I can sense that she is now thinking of eternity – a happy ever after romance with this boy.

Part of me is excited for her. Another part of me does not want to encourage her though.

Looking through the sparkle in her eyes and the twitch of her smile, she reminds me of myself five years back. I can vividly recall the butterflies in my stomach, the feeling of walking on cloud nine, the wave of excitement even by just mere ring on the phone. All these things she’s going through right now – I felt it once before.

But how can I tell her that what she feels now is not real? That it shall someday come to pass? And on its end, it will sting her? Oh, how I want to shield her from the eventual pain. How I want her to snatch her away from the situation of great expectations with zero realizations.

I deem that telling her upfront would be ill appreciated. Her adolescent mind and her teenage heart will never understand the counsels of her loveless and boyless older sister. Spoiling her dreamland would only negate her from opening up with me. I would never want this to happen.

My sister. Now 15. My baby has grown up, near to become a lady. Gone are the days when she used to sit by my side and listen to my stories. She’s got a world of her own now. She has her own her own experiences to go through, her own pains to discover, her own lessons to learn. And amidst through her ventures, it is my duty to let her know that I will always be there for her.