Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My Readers?

How many people know about my blog? I wonder… because as of writing, I have reached 791 visitors. Who could they be?

I could only identify few people whom I have shared access to this blog: my mother, my sister, Pie, Diane, Anna, and my AGM friends. These are the chosen few, who have been given the privilege of my blog invitation.

Well, at first after making my blog and writing my very first entry, I announced it to the world. However, as I wrote one article after another – things became so personal. My blog became a window into the abyss of my emotions and sentiments. I have practically stripped myself from my mask, my inhibitions, my defenses. This is me. My heart. Exposed. Naked and bare.

Now, I wish to limit access to my blog from people who know me – especially in the office. I think I have spoken too much about my (supposed) puppy love life with an ex-officemate.

I have this sweet but tough, serious, mature and no nonsense image in the office. I cannot imagine what implication it will have if they discover this other side of me. For them to know what a hopeless romantic I am; For them to see the vulnerable side of me; For them to journey into my heart. Sometimes I wish I used a code name or something – just so to conceal my identity. Well, here’s wishing that they would not stumble upon this page.

How about family and friends? They are OK. They are the very people who you run to for emotional support and encouragement. They are part of the reasons why I try to frequently update my blog. Because I know that they care about my welfare and at some point, they want to know what’s going on with my life. Plus the fact, that they never fail to give me words of comfort whenever I needed them.

Strangers? Lurkers? Passer Bys? Pretty fine with me. I do not know what brought them here. Fate? But I hope that with my sharing, I could touch and inspire a life. And probably build on new friendships. I have in fact found some new friends through blogging: Ariel and Dindo. Their insights have added new dimensions in my perceptions about life, Jesus and the world we live in. Hope I could do the same to at least one individual in this worldwide web.