Monday, January 02, 2006

A New Year

2005 was different from my tumulus 2004. As I faced the dawn of 2005, I declared it would be a year of “restoration” for me. And at its end, my self-prophecy for 2005 was proven to be true.

Doors of opportunities were opened. Career wise, this year has been so good to me. Travel and leisure was equally great. Family life was also amiable. My social circle also expanded a bit. All of these contributed much to my personal growth.

Yes, 2005 was a great year indeed. I would like to thank my family and friends for sharing with me all the joys and sadness in 2005. There were sweet victories. Their presence made it all the more gratifying! I would also like to thank my God for blessing me with such a fruitful year. Where I am right now is part of His great plan for me.

As I face now 2006, I still am quite unsure of what this year will bring me. For some strange reason, I had some negative “vibes” for myself this year. It’s a mixed feeling of anxiety and vigilance. Premonition? I hope not… I pray not. Yet incalculable, I determine to make this year better for me. Amidst these uncertainties, I will press on. I have entrusted my faith on Him.

2005 may have been a good year for me, but I am pretty sure that the best is still yet to come. So here comes another self-prophecy declaration – 2006 will be a year of active “preparation” for me!