Friday, February 17, 2006

Tag on "My Eight Different Points of a Perfect Lover"

I got tagged by Baby Pink. My first tag ever… Let’s see how this works.. I need to comply with the tag and follow instructions:

“The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.2. Need to mention the sex of the target.3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.4. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.”

Eight different points for a peferct lover?… Sounds difficult than it seems. I may have some ideals in mind but I never thought of putting it into writing. Writing it would officialize it. And it is scary. What if no one can fit into the mold?

Yes, no one is perfect. And the search for that ideal partner may be a journey to forever. But it should not stop me from setting at least some standards. Otherwise, I would be entertaining whoever drops into my doorstep. These standards can be my guide not to Mr. Right, but to the right person for me.

Enough of all the fuzzies and the wuzzies, here’s to complete my task from the tag. Here’s the 8-point agenda to my heart.

Target: Male


1. A faithful Christian. Someone who has a deep personal relationship with God. I believe that if he won’t break God’s heart, then he won’t break mine! Seriously, he should inspire me as to fall in love more with Christ. Afterall, he will be the spiritual head of the family.

2. Profound and insightful. For me, the sexiest part in a man’s anatomy is his brain. He should be mentally engaging and intellectually stimulating. I do not mean here a high-IQ, rocket scientist guy. But more on having the EQ and the maturity. Someone who can carry on conversations – light and serious topics alike. I want someone who can widen my horizon, teach me new paradigms, and inspire me to discover uncharted dimensions in my life. The more I learn from a man, the more I admire him.

3. Responsible and should have good leadership qualities. I believe that my man should take the lead in our relationship. I am to be his partner, his helpmeet, his support. And for me to fully entrust everything about our relationship, I need to be confident that he is man enough to handle such responsibility. He should have a good sense of vision and direction. With that, I fully give my support, and go with him all the way.

4. Determined and Creative. In other words, he should be a man of action. It’s not enough that he has his dreams and visions. But he should be determined and creative enough to bring his volitions into full ignition. Case in point, if he wants me – he has to pursue me, despite any obstacles – my probable indifference included.

5. Funny and sweet. Someone who’s natural and comfortable to be with; Someone who can make me smile; Someone I can laugh with; Someone who can tickle my emotions and play with my fancies. I love simple little surprises. How I wish my guy would be creative enough to give me some simple little surprises once in a while. Hey, just a wish, not a mandate. But it would be 100 bonus points if he is!

6. Deep. I want someone who can see right through me, beneath my physique. Someone who lsees me through my heart and my soul. And he will recognize, appreciate, and cherish the beauty that he sees.

7. Strong, Comforting, Reassuring. Most people in the office sees me as a paradox of being tough and sweet. Little do they know, that this blend of divergence is but a covering for my weaknesses. Oftentimes I get overwhelmed, thus bringing me to a few episodes of melancholy. How I wish to have a strong shoulder to lean on, a listening ear to talk to and some tender arms to embrace me after a hard day’s work. There are times in my life that I feel tired of acting strong. There are times in my life that I wish I could let down my guards and be weak – knowing that I have some strong, comforting and reassuring arms to run to.

8. Someone who’s good at something that I am not. For some reason I am attracted to some men who excel in things that I don’t – either one of the following: sports, math, or playing a musical instrument. Probably the admiration is there because he compensates for something that I lack.

Reviewing my list, I had the impression that all the things listed were all to benefit me, me, and me… But it’s not. Relationship is a two-way street. The more I receive, the more I give. As I always tell my friends, “If a man treats like a princess, I’ll treat him like a king.” I am fully aware that I need to do my part as well. For me to find the right person for me, I need to be the right person for him as well. The same standards that I apply on him, is the same criteria that I have for myself. This is the active preparation I was talking about at the start of the year. And yes, I am still a work in progress. And hopefully, by the time we meet – it’s going to be a match made in heaven!

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