Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lemonade From Lemons

Happiness is a state of mind. I am firm believer of this maxim. While we may have no control of things happening around us, we can control the emotions within us.

Yes, we have a choice. The power of the human mind is persuasive enough to predetermine the outcome of things in our life. If we say that life is difficult, then it will be. Negative outlook attracts negative vibes. Even a good gesture will be misinterpreted as otherwise, because the mind is already prejudiced. But if we say that life is wonderful, then it will be. A positive mind embraces everything with an open heart. No matter how bad the situation is, an optimistic attitude will keep things afloat.

True, life is like a roller coaster ride. We have our ups and downs. But every situation serves its purpose in our lives. Happiness makes us sweet; success builds our confidence; sorrow teaches us the frailty of our hearts; trials make us strong; failures remind us that we are human.

Emotions can sometimes be deceptive. Experience is not everything. The challenge here is not just to undergo and survive each experience. But to get the most out from it, by learning from it and applying its lessons - as we go on with our lives.

By nature, I am a melancholic person. I am a worrier. But I keep on reminding myself to let go and let God. We should view life as a gift. It its not merely an experience to endure, but a journey to enjoy.

We live in an imperfect world. Life’s challenges will always be here. Those who are best prepared will have the best experience. What could be a better preparation than psyching yourself to be happy – at all times, regardless of the circumstance? So if life brings you lemons, make some lemonade!


BabyPink said...

every morning, just before, i go out for the day i repeat this mantra: "i choose to be happy!" over and over again until i actually feel happy about everything around me. it works!:)