Monday, April 10, 2006

Fresh Hot Summer Kiss

As I entered the parking lot, I have noticed how few the cars were. Entering the lobby, the office felt so gloomy. Silence greeted me as I went out from the elevator. As I sat on my desk, little by little, I felt the room temperature going down.

Most of my officemates are on vacation. With few people around, I literally feel so cold. It feels like a slow Monday morning for me. My lazy bones seem to dominate majority of my body. I feel so envious of those who are on their advance holidays right now. As my mind drifted outside the cold office building and into the hot summer sun, I felt guilty, as if I committed adultery, to my company for not exerting the effort I should be giving right now with my work.

Perhaps the silence and coolness of the room froze those hardworking cells in my body. Plus the idea of a fast approaching holiday prompted these wandering imaginations to activate and soar far from where I am sitting right now.

With eyes wide open, I stared pass through the office walls. I see a cool pool of blue-colored water. The expanse so wide, it has an infinite stretch, until the water meets the sky - forming a beautiful horizon. A calm peaceful view. I dream of the Mediterranean Sea. As I look up the fluffy Cumulus clouds forming like white cotton candies amidst the cool blue background, I smell serenity.

Before my thoughts could go any farther, and before I can even guess the shapes of the clouds, my phone rang. A business contact is coming over to meet with me. I looked at my watch. I must prepare for our meeting.

There goes my two-minute vacation - a vacation that took me to the silence of my mind; to the soul of my heart; and to the serenity of my spirit.

Now, I am back to work. Energized this time around. Ready to face the challenges for the day, with the glow of summer already in my heart!


Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Rhyanne!

I "saw" you at Susan's blog and thought I'd stop by to say "Hi". I loved your 2-min vacation - it's a great reminder that no matter how slow or fast in pace our day gets, there's nothing like stopping all that we're doing for a couple of mins of creative visualization.

Thanks, I needed to be reminded of how good that feels!