Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Of Vegetable Salad and Mystery

With my “carrot” out of sight, out of touch, my friend kid me by telling me that there will be some other guys out there. He may not be in the form of a carrot, but probably a cabbage, or a string bean, or a celery and so forth… Hahaha! She never fails to make me smile with her astute comments.

Seriously, she may have a point. Indeed, there are lots of guys out there. And if I really am desperate for a boyfriend, well I can easily get myself one right now. There are cabbages, string beans, celeries, and all other kinds. Choices are so plenty that I can feast on a vegetable salad anytime I want to… But it’s my choice not to.

In as much as I do not want to get hurt, I also do not want to toy on someone else’s feelings. Neither would I settle for anyone – just for the sake of having one. Must I engage in some emotional connection, it should be with someone I am truly, deeply in to – and vice versa. Someone I respect, someone I care for, someone I love, and someone who feels the same for me.

I do not believe in flings. Anything less than a mad passionate love is a waste of time. I choose to reserve my emotions, my heart, my soul for the real thing - for that special someone – whoever, wherever he may be. They say love moves in mysterious ways. I do believe it’s true because up until now, my man is still a mystery!