Friday, April 07, 2006


Ok here's my first taste of an on-line self quiz ... I do not know how this works yet. With fingers...err paws crossed, I wish this be posted successfully:


Rhyanne, you're a Cocker Spaniel!

No bones about it, you're a perky, loving Cocker Spaniel. (Think Lady from Lady Tramp.) Playful and energetic, you're a real people person — er, dog. People can't help but fall hook, line, and sinker for your friendly, well-rounded personality and natural charm. It's a subtle thing, though — being outgoing and flirtatious, not showy, is the name of your game. Friends, co-workers, and potential dates can't help liking you. How could they not? Your winning-yet-humble ways make you popular, admired, and a joy to be around.

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You're a Cocker Spaniel!

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Susan Abraham said...

You sound a wonderful person, Rhyanne. You really do! *love*