Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Best Days in My life

Two of the important days in my life are: first, the day I was born and second, the day I found the reason why.

The first part can be easily calendared. Commemorating it is identifiable, like today. Yes, today is my birthday. And I would like to believe that the world has been better because of it… Well, at least for my family and close friends. It may not be seamless but everyday I strive to be in that position.

The second part is rather vague. Have I gone to that stage? Now, on my 27th year, answer is, partly yes and partly no. It is still a continuous journey that I am enjoying. Everyday is new learning experience for me. And everyday I collect some snippets of my life’s anecdote to add it up to the repository of the reasons why. Key thing for me here is to perpetually seek for God’s guidance. That I may maximize all that I have (knowledge, talents, gifts, experience, and background) and further bring it to its full volition, for His greater glory.

This being said, I endeavor to make today and everyday the best days of my life!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Walking on the Dessert - Myself

Incidentally after writing my reflection on the lessons from the dessert… Surprise, surprise, fate brought me to the quintessential place itself – Egypt. Well, I did not exactly go to very location – but at least I was already close to it. No, I did not go there for spiritual sojourn, but for a business trip.

I stayed in Cairo and happened to drop by Alexandria – North of Egypt. On my way home, we stopped over in Dubai – where I spent another three days there. Will share the tales of my journey in my Pink Cadillac… But this is after I am done recounting my journey on my last year’s Euro-tour. (Am not yet done with my Rome and Vienna trip… which means, my Egypt blog may take some time… gulp!)

After being gone for two weeks, I am faced with tons of work. Am now singing, “Where do I begin?…” My officemates missed my presence so much, that this morning I had a hard time scheduling my time. I was torn between two meetings. Haaay! I wish the ones running after me were men, but no, they were work… But then again, would have probably preferred the latter. I actually do not need a legion of men. I only need ONE. And that ONE is still hard to find!

Oh well, am back. Back to my work, back to paying my credit cards, back to reality.