Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Best Days in My life

Two of the important days in my life are: first, the day I was born and second, the day I found the reason why.

The first part can be easily calendared. Commemorating it is identifiable, like today. Yes, today is my birthday. And I would like to believe that the world has been better because of it… Well, at least for my family and close friends. It may not be seamless but everyday I strive to be in that position.

The second part is rather vague. Have I gone to that stage? Now, on my 27th year, answer is, partly yes and partly no. It is still a continuous journey that I am enjoying. Everyday is new learning experience for me. And everyday I collect some snippets of my life’s anecdote to add it up to the repository of the reasons why. Key thing for me here is to perpetually seek for God’s guidance. That I may maximize all that I have (knowledge, talents, gifts, experience, and background) and further bring it to its full volition, for His greater glory.

This being said, I endeavor to make today and everyday the best days of my life!


Susan Abraham said...

Happy Belated Birthday, dearest Rhyanne. I wish you many beautiful things in life...glitter and baubles and how about say...wedding bells? Is that ok?
hugs and kisses from me

Lanee Girl said...

belated happy birthday =)

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Rhyanne,
Are you writing no more posts?
lots of love