Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quick Hello

Yeah, it has been pretty silent again here in my blog.

I am in New York right now. I arrived yesterday and this is the reason for my silence. Couple of weeks before I left for New York, I was in a mad frenzy to make sure everything is up and running while I am away from work.

And now am finally here. Will be recounting my tales here in the big apple when I have the time. Bye for now. Need to catch up with some friends.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Proud Sister

Oh yes, I am a proud sister. Ever since she was born, I promised to myself to take care of her, as if she was my daughter. Recalling back, i took an active role in taking care of her - playing with her, teaching her basic lessons in life and living, and encouraging her to pursue the things where she would best grow.

Even now that we are apart, I still make sure that I get in touch with her and check up on her. Just recently she asked my help for her essay - to edit it and add more if need be. I gleam with pride as I read her article:


Not much is expected from ordinary teenagers. We surprisingly are not startled when most of them are becoming more and more rebellious and their morality slowly decreasing bit by bit. When we see teenagers smoking and drinking, it’s as if it’s common and at all not disturbing. Luckily, I’m not one of those teenagers indulging in such activities. In an early age, my parents have taught me the good morals in life and have introduced Christ as young as I was. They, especially my mother and sister , urged me to be closer to God and never discouraged me to attend to every church activity we had. Because of their persistent drive and push, I learned to love God above anything else in this world. My love for Him constantly grows each day which in turn gives me hope everyday. I turned out to be contented in life which is the reason why I have a happy disposition in life. Pardon me if I may talk like a nun, but I am just revealing to you what I truly am—a God-centered person. In whatever I do, I make sure that I would be able to please God. Though it is inevitable to sin, I still try my hardest not to. I make sure that my priorities are set right—God first, then all the rest comes second. I am never ashamed to declare to everyone that I am a very God-fearing person. Some may think I’m weird to have such principles in life as I have, well at least I’m confident that what I’m doing is the right thing. Don’t get me wrong, I still do what every teenager do, I still have time for fun, but I know what its limits are and know when to stop. Others even say that I think maturely in my age, I actually don’t. I’m still just a regular teenager who just puts God first above anything else.

Clueless on what to elaborate more on my essay, having no idea on what experiences I had which defined me as person, I sit on a comfy chair, pondering in front of the computer. Minutes passed by, and still nothing knocked my head, until I saw my bible. Then, I realized the greatest achievement I have had experienced yet. It wasn’t my material things, the medals, certificates and trophies; instead it was Christ all along. Summer of 2005, I read Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”; it really inspired me and really gave an impact in life. I was able to learn what my purpose in life is—for God alone. This changed the way I regarded life before. I was renewed and was enthused to live life accordingly to God’s plan.

My family started from scratch. We got to the point where my father became jobless once. We were on a wrecked boat, nearly sinking to poverty. But with constant faith and prayers, we were able to rise up. Today, we no longer face that kind of financial difficulty. I have seen God’s provision in my life so many times. Thinking back on it, I have come to appreciate the goodness of God. He had really blessed me indeed. Sometimes, we fail to notice it and neglect to thank the Lord for it. Try to count your blessings one by one, and you’ll be surprised to know how blessed you are. Even the tinniest things in life, they are blessings too. No money could ever surmount the happiness and content that you will feel when you have Christ in you. I would like to end my essay with my favorite bible verse which is quoted from Proverbs 16:4, it states:

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and all your plans will succeed”


As I read along, tears of joy an pride blurred my eyes. I am deeply touched by her insight. She is indeed a blessing to me, my angel, as I call her. I am very proud of her even when she was still young. But I am even more proud of her now, the young lady she is turning into, and the woman she will become.