Friday, September 29, 2006


Yesterday has been a very rough day for me. It seemed as if all things were against me. It was like yesterday was a commemoration of theme, “Test-Rhyanne’s-Patience” Day. Starting on my way to the office until I was about to head off for bed.

I encountered scores of concerns and impediments that day – work, queer personalities, management decisions, and typhoon “Milenyo”. Through it all ,I tried to keep my composure. It was pretty tough. There’s this tug-o-war inside me to either let my emotions aflame or extinguish it. At best, the only thing I could do is to try to contain the occasional sparks ignited by yesterday’s trepidations.

Never in my life did I feel oh so alone and lonely. I was about to have another meltdown.

But just before I called the end of yesterday, I was enlightened. As I sat at the footstool of my bed last night, recalling what a day it has been, I realized that it was not so bad after all. I thanked the Lord for what happened, and for what did not happen.

Instead of complaining for making us report to work still – despite the declared signal number 3 storm, I thanked God for keeping me safe. Not everyone who was on the road yesterday was out of harm's way. Trees were uprooted, branches were flying everywhere, some billboards have collapsed. Some people were hurt. Thank God I was spared.

Instead of complaining about the meeting which our sales director called for until 7:00 PM (despite the fact that there’s a storm outside, and there’s only six of us left on the floor), I thank God that I have a stable job – in a prestigious multinational company at that.

Instead of complaining about the vacillation of some management decisions yesterday, I thank God for giving me the voice and putting me into a position where I can try to influence the management.

After coming home, instead of complaining about how long I waited for the elevator, and how many times it skipped me on my way to my unit, I thank God for providing us with a power generator. Albeit so slow, at least we still have some power supply. Whereas, many homes out there were suffering from total darkness – brought about by the power outage.

Lastly, instead of complaining about how the strong winds managed to let water through my house and how puddles and soaking carpets greeted me when I entered the room, I thank God for giving me an instant carpet wash. I have been meaning to have my carpet cleaned. But yesterday, I was provided with an instant solution – and free of charge.

I am amazed by how bad things can turn out into good things – depending on how you view the situation. So rather than moping on a self-pity party last night, I was rejoicing in grateful celebration. Things were bad yesterday, but it could have been worse… And so, I thank God for what happened and for what did not happen.


Susan Abraham said...

What a wonderful attitude you have towards life, Rhyanne and also the gift of a thanksgiving heart.
And now it's the weekend.
Here's wishing you a wonderful week ahead & please keep in touch.
I was surprised to read that you were suddenly in New York.
And I really didn't know how to comment. Just didn't know what was going on.
But you're in my thoughts.


Pie said...

Indeed, there are far more wonderful blessings abound. we simply have to step back a bit, look around us and reflect.