Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random Thoughts

It’s hard to get back to business after such a long vacation. Concerns, issues, priorities – feeling so overwhelmed, it’s difficult sorting through an ocean of hurly-burly conglomerate matters. I sit facing my laptop, while my mind soars back to the big apple.


It’s the annual registration for my car. But I do not know where and how to start. All those processes, documents, smoke emission tests and other requirements… I know nothing related to cars. This is so exasperating. Back home, at least I have my father who helps me with automotive concerns. But now I feel like I am an alien, being plunged into a strange world of cars, wheels and spark plugs.


To quote an email I sent to my friend yesterday, “Don't worry much about the wedding preparation. Don't focus the plans on the wedding but on the MARRIAGE. Weddings last for a day, but marriage lasts for a lifetime :)” … Yeah, an advice coming from me – who’s single and never married. Where did I get that wisdom? … Hmmm, sometimes I amaze myself!


When I went to the mall last Sunday, they were already playing Christmas songs. Goodness, Christmas is near. Wonder if something special is in store for me this Christmas?