Sunday, February 18, 2007

To Solve A Mystery

February 14 – just like any other normal day… I know, I know, it is a special celebrated date for lovers of all ages, shapes and sizes. But as for me, it is just another day in the calendar. Last year, me and my team worked until 12 midnight – preparing for our regular regional monthly meeting. This year, that meeting was set on this very date.

However, unlike our previous meetings – we were way delayed our agenda and schedule. The regional presentations took longer than expected, brought about by the number of operational issues we had at hand. The discussion was so intense that nobody seemed to mind that we could possibly end later than usual. I guess even those with “significant romantic partners” forgot that it was indeed their day. The expression on our faces probably disappointed Cupid and his cohorts.

Then suddenly late afternoon, I saw a delivery guy peeping through the glass opening of the door. I was presiding the meeting of 15 people in the room. Beside me was my officemate who is still at the honeymoon stage with her boyfriend. I had a feeling that the flower was for her. I allowed the delivery guy to interrupt the meeting for a while.


The people in the room were quite stunned over this unfamiliar unexpected “intruder”. But I nodded to signify my approval to proceed. While the delivery guy was walking from the opposite end of the room, I was already teasing my officemate, while the rest was looking at him with a puzzled yet ardent anticipation for whom the flowers were. As he was already near us, I pushed my officemate to receive the flower.

But the delivery guy looked past at her and straight at me and said, "For Miss Rhyanne".

Everyone was already teasing me. But my mind was too busy to mind their jest. Questions raced my mind. First, am quite surprised how the delivery guy knows me? Or was it by accident that he looked straight into my face? Secondly, how he knew I was at the meeting room? (Usually the flowers were left at the lobby for pick up). Third, from whom it was? The question on the giver was last on my list because I am suspecting that it was my team who gave it to me.

Wiping off my bemused expression, I shyly accepted the flowers. It was a lovely bouquet of 12 pink long stemmed budding roses, wrapped neatly in a pink native weaved Sinamay mat, with some yellowish trimming on the side, and tied together so elegantly in a golden bow. It is indeed pretty. Who ever gave this to me must be somebody who knows me relatively well to give me something of my taste and liking. I owe it to the giver to say that I somehow feel that the bouquet described my personality: pretty, posh, and pink.

Feeling like I have won the Miss Universe contest, I smiled as I looked at my team to thank them. But they were like “Huh?” They denied my allegations. Looking at my regional associates, I looked at them with a suspecting look. But they too gave me a quizzical look.

Suddenly, I felt like the spotlight was on me. And so I snapped back to my senses and resumed with our meeting.

As soon as our meeting ended my team crowded over me, waiting for me to open the card. Only a happy valentine greeting was written. There was no name from who it came from. Looking back at them I made them swear if it came from them. But they swore that it did NOT come from them, although they like the idea that i suspected them.

Now, the case of the mysterious flower giver is open.

Donning on to my closest Veronica Mars rednition, I scurried through a few candidates on my list ranging from my mother, my gurlette group, etc.. But after ruling out some facts and evidences, my list was narrowed into the following:

Suspect number one: The Boss.

Not that he is in love with me or something. But as a paternal gesture of wanting me to feel inspired, that I may be motivated to work. By nature, he is a sweet and caring person who loves to initiate small surprises within our team. He is capable of orchestrating things like this. However he denied when I asked him. But he smiles every time I ask him. That kind of smile that makes you think that it must be from him?

Suspect number two: The Newbie.

He is quite a newbie in the company. I do not know how it started but people are teasing us – of which we both nonchalantly put aside. Could it be possible that he is drawn by the taunt? Is it possible that he likes me… like me enough to send me that expensive bouquet? I am not sure. But we are not close. We rarely speak to each other, and when we talk, it is always short and business-like.

Suspect number three: The Good Friend.

I consider him to be my closest guy friend in the world. We love to joke and brawl with each other, like cats and dogs. We share each other’s secrets. And when I would like to get a guy’s point of view, he is the man I would run to. I consider him to be my brother, my protector, and sometimes my clown. What led me to suspect him is that I saw the flyer of the flower company (that delivered my flower) with him two days before. Possible? But he denied it too. And if it is from him, why deny?

Suspect number four: The Delivery Guy

Hahaha! Sorry, but I ran out of suspects already. He was the one who handed me the flowers anyway. How did he know it was for me? How did he know I was in that particular meeting room? … But wait… who is he? What is his name?

Another possible twist… it could be a combination of any of these two suspects. Somehow they can be interrelated. Is this a conspiracy theory? The odds are high. Anyone, or a combination of them, can be possible.

But Wait...

I ruled out another suspect: An angel

Some mysterious kind hearted soul who just want to make me smile?

I did some rounds of questionsing. I even went to the point of calling the flower company. Unfortunately, they swore to secrecy and cuold not give me any information to reveal the identity of the giver.

After an attempted thorough investigation, I decided to close the case.

Mystery unsolved.

For whatever reason, the giver opted to maintain secrecy. . Will I or will I not find out? It is not a concern for me anymore. Not that I do not care, but it must be for a good reason, I suppose. And whatever is the giver's intention, I respect it. It is the thought that counts. And in this case, yes - it has brightened my day and it has made me smile. It has provided me with the sign I have asked for. And for this, the purpose has been served.

To the one who gave me the pretty, posh and pink bouquet, I appreciate the gesture. Thank you very much! May the good you have done to me in secret, return to you a hundred fold!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blog Fatigue

It has been a month since I last dropped by. Things at work have been pretty hectic. Time is a luxury I could not afford right now. I even also barely have a time for myself. But I do miss to blog. I tried to blog so many times, but all my attempts stopped at mid-sentence. I think my tired mind refuses to think.

After a month of silence it feels funny now, not knowing where to start, nor even what to say? Actually, lots of things happened since my last blog. I look at them now and they are a juxtaposition of disarray and harmony.

I guess this is what life is all about. We are beleaguered with lots of doubts, confusion and fear. Yet, the tenacity of the human spirit, fueled by the grace of God keeps us forward. So never give up. Even if there seems to be no hope, just wait. Somewhere around the bend, a miracle awaits!