Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blog Fatigue

It has been a month since I last dropped by. Things at work have been pretty hectic. Time is a luxury I could not afford right now. I even also barely have a time for myself. But I do miss to blog. I tried to blog so many times, but all my attempts stopped at mid-sentence. I think my tired mind refuses to think.

After a month of silence it feels funny now, not knowing where to start, nor even what to say? Actually, lots of things happened since my last blog. I look at them now and they are a juxtaposition of disarray and harmony.

I guess this is what life is all about. We are beleaguered with lots of doubts, confusion and fear. Yet, the tenacity of the human spirit, fueled by the grace of God keeps us forward. So never give up. Even if there seems to be no hope, just wait. Somewhere around the bend, a miracle awaits!