Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Beautiful Love Story Afterall!

Fact of life: The death of one thing leads to the birth of another.
In this case, it really was indeed… Corinne and Richard’s love story blossomed after my bittersweet romance concluded to a tearful ending.

Flashback 2004… After I hung up the phone with my ex, I immediately dialed Corinne’s number, seeking for refuge and words of comfort. Ever since then, she would daily check on me to see how I was doing, and that I do not loose too much weight from not eating and sleeping. (Dramatic huh? Hehehehe.. it was my first official heartbreak.. it’s normal, so allow me to indulge in that stage – THEN)
On the other hand, I was also in touch with my ex’s housemate, Richard. Somehow through him, I felt I was still connected with you guessed it right, my ex. (Yeah, I know, I know, how pathetic I was. But that was in the past – alright?) But instead of giving more information on my ex, Richard would divert the topic on me, reminding me to take the past aside and take things one day at the time.
I say that I’m quite fortunate to be blessed with an abundance of friends who helped me through the rain. But of all, it was Corinne and Richard who never skipped a day without finding me out. Corinne, amongst my female friends, and Richard amongst my male friends, were the most steadfast of all in trying to help me “survive”.
Then came one Sunday morning, out from nowhere, I thought of both of them. I was actually busy at that time packing my clothes for a business trip. Sorting through a pile of clothes, I reflected how blessed I am to have friends like them. Several minutes later, a brilliant idea struck me… Immediately, I grabbed my phone and forwarded each other’s mobile numbers. Then I sent a follow up text message, “Corinne, meet Richard. Richard, meet Corinne. No expectations. Just be friends and go with the flow.”
I have never played, nor even attempted, a matchmaker role before. But somehow I felt they were right for each other. Although I was also quite unsure if they would click. But hey, no expectations, just friends and go with the flow.
Three years passed, the flow has led them from friends to lovers. In ten days time, they will be tying the knot. Yes, a day before my birthday! Who would have ever thought that my then called tragic love story would end with a happy ending after all?… Well, not only for them but also for me!


suzanabrams said...

Wow Rhyanne! You dared! It was a beautiful love story indeed. Thanks for that big hug over on my blog. :-)

BabyPink said...

aba, sis! matchmaker ka pala!:)

ilang wedding diay imong gi-attend-an when i saw you in cagayan.

belated happy birthday, dear.:)