Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brother Bear

I am not so close with my brother as I am with my sister. Unlike my sister, I do not have the luxury to have an intimate discussion with him on life, the world, and everything. It his hard to know what is on his mind. Let alone, even try to advice him on his ways of this world. He has a world of his own - with a different set of rules, defined by himself.

Many times in the past, my sister and I tried to influence him on his ways with the ladies. As ladies ourselves, we wanted to convert our brother into a gentleman and take him away from the mediocre mold of men in general, that only frustrates us women. However, his testosterone levels are so way dominant for our frustrations (in behalf of the female specie), to be heard.

Then suddenly, one evening, I got a surprise call from my brother. He and his girlfriend had a fight. Never have I witnessed him so desperate. Knowing him, he just wanted some sympathy and not advice. So I jsut gave him my usual oh's and ah's. Because I know my words will only be drowned against the backdrop of his own ideals.

But after we hung up the phone, he still cannot be still. And so I gave another call. This time, will tell him what I have been telling him before. Take it or leave it. And this is what I had to say"

"You do not just stay in a relationship when things are good and run when things are bad. You stay at the very moment where you are needed the most. It is in this hard time that you develop more patience and understanding for each other. If you say you love her, go and prove it. Fight for it. Do not run away. You show your love not by enforcing yourself to her.. but by winning her heart. All she needs is your attention, respect, and care. If you say it's over... then it is. The moment you give up, is the moment you decided the end of it. "

After my speech, he was stunned. For the very first time, he said nothing but thanks and put the phone down.

Whew! Feels so good to let it off my chest right now! But am not sure if my words sank deep for him to digest and more importantly act on it.. Am very sure he did not hear what he wanted to hear. But I gave him what he needed to.

After several minutes later, he sent me a text message, "I will win her back. Maybe I was too reactive. Thank you. You really are my ate. I love you."

Hallelujah! I can hear the echoes of angels singing on the clouds when I read this message. For the very first time, my brother took my advice! At least I was able to influence him and make him see. But more importantly is that he shed off his pride and listened - finally!