Saturday, June 16, 2007

My First Time As The Maid of Honor

In so far as I could remember, I have always taken the role of being the emcee during weddings. I wonder why? But invitations, after invitations, the designated role for me is always on the mic. It seems to me that it is like my calling, just as nuns have their divine calling.

So when Corinne asked to accept the honorary role, I was overjoyed. (But actually I was already expecting it). I have always wanted to be part of the entourage because finally, here’s a chance for me to relax and sit pretty during the reception.

A month before the wedding, Corinne asked me if I can be the emcee as well. I smiled… somehow this emcee thing has always a way of catching up with me.

Going back to Corinne’s wedding, so far, everything has been prepared but on some occasions the unpredictable fact of life drops to visit us with a surprise or two. It was first time for me to see Richard so stressed and harassed, being a cool and steady guy that he is. As for Corinne, I just kid her aside jokingly reminding her not to morph in becoming a bridezilla. Even on me, I did not like my dress. It was the most boring gown I have ever seen. I wanted to react, but it would only add fuel into the fire. I controlled myself thinking that this is not my wedding. It’s not about me. So forget it.

Wedding day came, everything was frenzy. I was in charge of looking after both of the bride’s and groom’s mothers. That day reminded me of Nia Vardalos’s “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. All the pandemonium was stirred by almost everyone during the make up and gown fittings. But all the commotion was silenced as I came face to face with my dress. Blah!... I wonder how I can pull it off. It’s all now in the matter of attitude and how I carry it. Fortunately, I found some pins and a ribbon that enabled me to work my way through a solution, giving that humdrum of a garb some contrasting accent and some stylish punch!

Minutes before the ceremony, I was preoccupied attending to the biddings of the bride - walking here and there, to and fro. So occupied I was that during my walk, I almost forgot that I was already walking in the “walk”. And so halfway through, I straightened up and beamed with all the smiles I can give. I said to myself, this could be the walk of my life. I am quite uncertain if I will ever get a chance to be a maid of honor again? So while I walked (although already halfway through), I cherished the moment. I wanted to savor and relish it. I wanted to remember it… This could be my last.

Everything went smoothly from the church to the reception. My usual emcee routine went fine as well. Makes me wonder now, “Will I emcee my own wedding?” … But another BIGGER question is … will I ever get married in the first place? Hahaha!

I think I have learned to appreciate weddings more than ever before. Being a maid of honor, it has given me a glimpse of what happens before the actual day. Now I can understand why people (most specially the brides) act the way they do, before and during the wedding. Yet, for all its madness, it was fun and yeah, memorable.

Toast to the newlyweds! May you have a long lasting and solid relationship as you journey on together for the rest of your lives. May the love you have each other be stronger than ever.