Saturday, September 22, 2007


Is love complicated?
Or is it just us?

We have learned to love each other.
Our love, unspoken but mutual.

Why can’t it be simple?
Why can’t we be together?

It’s hard, I know.
We have our personal issues.

Does this mean that in life, love is not enough?
Or we just don’t love each other enough?

But I only want what’s best for you
And I know you want the same for me too.

I have not known a love as pure and true as this.
You have taught me what genuine love is – selfless.

You love me.
So you went away.

I love you too.
That’s why I let you go.


Pie said...

wow! (hugs.) god bless rhy! chat tayo when your sked is okay. :)

BabyPink said...

although i don't have a very positive take on love, i do believe that to completely avoid it or run away from it is not right.

go on, sis... just love. don't hold back. things will be okay.:)

Marnellie said...

huhuhuh.. you separated with your love rhy? sorry to hear that. Sge lang, you will meet your soulmate in God's time. Just keep on loving.:) Mwah!