Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

I like watching reality TV shows. Sometimes I can be so engaged that I cry along with the characters. I share tears of joy with the newly made over geeky guys in Queer Eye. I feel the pressure and the thrill of my favorite aspirant on America’s Next Top model. I cry with happiness as my favored bachelorette is chosen by the Bachelor, and as he proposed to her on TV.

I do not know what is on reality TV that wins me over than the Koreanobelas nor the US TV series hits. I am more of an avid follower of even Pinoy Big Brother as compared to Grey’s Anatomy. Ask me about any Koreanobela. I know nothing. No offense to these genre but I’m equally dumbfounded, sometimes to the point of being embarrassed, over my preference. Probably it is the idea of any ordinary regular life - or shall we say reality - put on spotlight and given some showbiz flavor that adds to the drama of everything. It’s the concept of a real life given the flare of Showbiz.

It is a form of aspiration. If life is a stage, we are the actors. And yes, we are all living our own reality TV show of some sort. How you live your life is being viewed by the people you deal with everyday. Through your actions, you can present something either worthy of emulation or ridicule. Through your life choices, you can set something either worthy of inspiration or repugnance. Through your words, you can either offer encouragement or disappointment. Yes, people are watching and more often than not, depending on your span of influence, they follow you.

Life is not just about living. It is also how you touch the lives of others. And beyond that, life is how you follow Christ and submit to His will. The irony of life is not in living, but in dying to oneself.

While I content to the daily musings of my own bittersweet melodramatic life, I never expected to encounter an offer to join a reality TV program. Last night I received an invitation to join something more or less patterned after Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice”. Now, finally I have the chance of joining the bandwagon myself. Tempting. But at the end of our conversation I declined.

After watching and relating (vicariously) with so many reality TV personalities, I know the pressures they get. If these will be applied to me. I am afraid of the potential harm it can do to me. While I admire those who joined, this is a risk I cannot afford to loose - my values, my sanity, my integrity.

Already, life for me is complicated as it is. Participating in the program would only intensify my personal issues and battles. Anyway, my life is a soap opera on its own. Let me contend with it as I daily struggle to live a noble, moral and Godly life. Not to mention, my ever after wait over my Prince Charming. Now, this is a miracle-love story to watch out for! Cooming soon… Stay tuned.


BabyPink said...

sige daw... kung papipiliin ka ng mga taong ilalagay mo sa PBB, sinu-sino ang choice mo? 12 dapat.