Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Journey

I always view life as a voyage. We travel over time through the vast sea of life’s adventures. The peaks and troughs of the waves represent the highs and lows of our emotions; the ups and downs of our circumstances; our victories and losses.

As we sail on with life, we brave through different sorts of choices, hurdles, opportunities, challenges. While we face a thousand choices, we are sometimes left with no choice but to pick only one. Tricky part now is deciding which way to go? Trust the map? The instinct? The stars? The wind? The waves?

At this point in my life, I feel like I am engulfed in the immensity of my life’s journey. And I am confused on which path I should traverse. Do I abandon everything I have right now and pursue a different career somewhere else? Or do I risk all that I have in pursuit of a greater big adventure in some other part of the world? Or do I stay, endure for a while, and eventually reap what I have toiled for over the last years? Should I choose adventure? Exploration? Stability?

For so long a time, I have held on to my map. But now seems like I am even far from where I wanted to be. Well, am I reading the map in the right way? Or is it the right map for me in the first place?

Deep in my heart, I know what I want but it only seems like I am getting farther and farther from it. I cannot wait for the tides to bring me where the water flows. I must paddle through them, taking me to where I want to go.

Question is how?

Yes, life is a voyage. And now I am a one lost sailor. Frozen adrift, paralyzed by the consciousness of making the right decision. Dear God, please be my guide, my conductor… my Captain.


Marnellie said...

Rhy, I hope you'll find your heart. If I were you, I would travel and see the world. Hehehe. Single ka pa naman di ba? At malay mo, andun sa kabilang dako ng mundo ang prince charming mo. Baka si PRINCE WILLIAM?? hahaha.. Joke lang. Love you sis. mwah!