Sunday, November 23, 2008

Inside My Chocolate Box

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get."  - Forrest Gump 

It has been ages since I last blogged.  The twist and turns in my life have been raucous – that led me to cave in for a while.  I wanted to be in denial of my situation, or shall I say situations.  The mere thought of the chocolates in my box, brings me hyperglycemia in anxiousness and in some cases, trepidation.

Although am now starting back to blog, it does not mean that life is now sweet.  It just means that I am now beginning to acclimatize myself to the varying shocks and surprises of my life’s chocolates.


Almond Crunch Chocolate - “Nuclear Bomb”

Talk about prime-time family drama.  My worst nightmare came alive. Yes, we have problems – as other normal families.  But I never thought we could be this dysfunctional.  But what can we do? We are a family.  We have to make it work.  I had to be strong for my parents.  It was tough, trying to uphold both my father and my mother.  I was almost at my breaking point.  Being the eldest is hard.  The burden can be heavy.  But it is a privilege. This has made me realize how much I value my family, and yet how I used to take it for granted.


Milk Chocolate Truffle - “The Crib”

I have been so accustomed to my bachelorette lifestyle.  I work till I drop.  I go home only to sleep.  A pitcher of water is the only thing in my refrigerator. 

Then came my little sis.  She has come to study here in the big city.  Now I have to share my space with someone. I have to ensure that my ref has food for her to eat anytime she’s hungry.  Not only that, I have to spend time to be with her. 

At the onset, I had to go through some adjustments from being responsible for myself alone, to being responsible for someone.  This is a good thing, I think.  I have been so comfortable living alone, to the point of almost loving the life of solitary existence. My sister’s presence is a sweet chocolate for me.  She has grounded me to the reality that life is sweet if you are with someone you love and care for. (Hmmm is this a prelude to something much sweeter in the future?)

White Chocolate –“White Waters” 

More than just transferring to a new department, I took a career shift.  I felt stressed out and burnt out that I wanted a fresh breathe of air.  I just wanted out from the commercial side of the business that I grabbed on to whatever I can hang on. 

I thought the switch would be a walk in the park. Wrong!  Although I am still in the same company, I found myself to be in a completely different environment.  I feel like I am a salt-water fish, trying to thrive in a new fresh water environment.   It is discombobulating.  It is literally rocking my world right now.  Tension and stress is building up on me – something I hoped to avoid from where I came from. I was certain and sure of the switch, when it was offered to me.  But I find myself occasionally doubting my decision.  Was it a good move?  Although I am now in fresh waters, I realized it still belongs to the same bigger body of water…. But then on the second thought, could it be the fish and not the water after all?


Chocolate Truffle – “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Amidst all these craziness, the thing that keeps me afloat is the assurance that something greater will come out from this.  I believe that things happen for a reason.  The accumulation of all these events in my life has led me to be humble and helpless, keeping myself on my knees – praying.  God is bigger than all my problems combined.  I look at this as a faith-building exercise, believing that at the culmination, something great, and big, and sweet is going to come out from this. 

I still have not mastered the art of tenacious and steadfast faith. I am still wading through the whole gamut of things.  I know where the right perspective is, but sometimes I can’t help to focus my views on the tactical stuff. 

Everyday is a struggle.  Everyday is a constant conscious effort to angle my views on the bigger perspective.  Everyday I process my thoughts, I try to empty myself and renew my mind.   It is a process.  It is a journey.

Yes, life is like a box of chocolates.  You may never know what you are going to get.  But the element of surprise is what makes it more exciting, more exhilarating … And hopefully, in the end you have come to save the best for last.



Saturday, August 09, 2008

Taming the Lion in Me


I believe ... that feelings are neither right nor wrong - they just are. But what I do with those feelings make it good or bad.

I believe ... that I am entitled to what I feel. Sometimes when I am angry, I have the right to be angry. But this does not give me the right to be rude.

I believe ... that while it is nice to be important, it is more important to be nice.

I believe ... that what I just told myself is difficult. But I must control my attitude, lest it controls me.

I believe ... that I must strive to be kind to everyone - not because they are, but I am... Errr, rather, I should ...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Facebook Social Experiment

Background and Objective of the Study  

One Friday afternoon over a slice of Nestle Crunch cake, my officemate and I concocted this supposedly bright idea.  Curious about the speed of communication and the role of technology in aiding it, we decided to make a social experiment. 


Squeeze a juicy scoop in the net and see how it seeps into the society.  Ergo, I made a self declaration of tagging my status with “In a Relationship”.  And to make it more interesting, I added a thought provoking quote: “I am happy… don’t ask why”

Findings of the Study 

It took three hours for me to receive inquiries.  My weekend was flooded with text messages even at the wee hours of the morning.  In three days time news swamped the entire fourth floor.  Three weeks later, I heard it from a regional counterpart. 


Coming from the time-and-motion study, is it safe for me to conclude on the magic number of 3?  3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks?  Can this now be ascribed as a universal fact?  If so, what are the applications of this in my work?

Before I go on publicizing this new-found information, I realized various flaws to this experiment.  Comparison is not apples to apples.  The subject used in the study to begin with is salacious, thus more controversial than the usual business communication intercom - new process guidelines, standard policies, cycle plans, quarter reports … need I say more? 

At this point, the safest conclusion this study can provide is the fact that gossip flies faster than let’s say communication of trade activities for implementation.  But then again we all know that, and we don’t need a study to prove this point. 

Nevertheless, the study has discovered the rising popularity of Facebook (also applieas for Friendster, Multitply, MySpace or what have you) as a source of information, and indeed can be a good vector of communication in the future.  I never made any verbal announcement of my so-called relationship.  I just tweaked my profile and things moved from there. “It’s in the Facebook.  And Facebook is the ultimate truth.” An officemate pressed on, after denying her inquiry.

The study has also shown how one’s perception of people can be influenced by his assumptions. I have received quite a lot of comments saying that I am more “blooming”, “prettier” and “happy”.   Since I started the study, I did not change hairstyles, wardrobe, or anything.  All things remained constant. But then again, people started to see me in a different light.  On top of it, even some of my actions are being linked to my alleged relationship.  If I happen to go home earlier than usual, they would all tease me of having a date.  Despite my insistence of these hearsays, people assume that I am hiding the truth.  But what’s funnier is the potency of how rumors can twist reality.  With all the buzz and tittle-tattle, even my officemate who conspired with me in this study is beginning to think that it is true. 

However, there is another angle I failed to consider in this study.  I never expected to receive such warm delight in reaction to my imaginary love from my officemates.  They are genuine and sincere to a point of guilt.  I feel guilty as I see the smile on their eyes and worst the opening of their arms in trying to hug me. 

How do I extinguish their expectancy?  I am so not prepared for this.  I never anticipated it.  And oh how I hate to see their disappointed faces whenever I tell them the truth, barring my social experiment rationale.  I could not stand telling them about the study – because after feeling betrayed, the worst thing I can do is make them feel like guinea pigs. 


I engaged myself in this study to know more about the dynamics of society and communication flow, using an advanced technological vector.  Indeed, it has taken me to some conclusions – mostly validation of societal facts which I already know. But the greatest take out is the warmth of excitement I got from the receptions of my friends.  Truly unexpected and astonishing. Call me melodramatic, but I feel loved.  And with that I am deeply humbled and grateful.

To all my friends: I am so sorry guys.  Sorry for disappointing you and sorry for experimenting on you.  Thank you for being happy for me, albeit short-lived.  I never knew how much this also means to you.  Had I knows about this, I would not have started this social experiment.  Do not worry, this will be my last social experiment.  I promise the next time I change my status profile, it will be for real… Someday, somewhere, somehow… In the meantime, please stop asking me why I am beautiful and happy.  I just am! =)






Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Independence Day

It has always been an inherent part of the Filipino history, of the Filipino culture, to fight for freedom and truth. But what is freedom? Are we truly free? Do we have ultimate freedom? Can we say we are truly free when we are left with nothing but to face an option between lesser evil? And what is truth? Truth is like a medicine, so strong that sometimes it needs to be dilluted.

Since I graduated I have chosen to remain apolitical. Whoever is on top, I give my support. And whatever their decisions, as long as they remain within the bounds of morality, I give my support. Some might consider it a shame, having no backbone, no stance at all. But I choose this position for peace - my own peace of mind and my peace contribution to the Filipino society. If I continue to oppose the leadership, what good will it bring to the country but division and confusion? Besides, those who are at the opposition, they have their own vested interests too. 

I used to be so passionate about the Philippine politics. In fact, I cried for the assassination of Andres Bonifacio when I was studying history in college. I used to join a few rallies myself. Until one anti-Erap campaign, I recognized some familiar faces who rallied for putting Erap himself into place - a year before. Crossing fences? Were they sincere with their motives? Or they found a better opportunity at the other side? Then I realized that the fight, disguised behind an alias called freedom and truth, is actually named power and influence. 

The EDSA revolution was indeed a monumental feat for us Filipinos. But to me, EDSA 2 ... seemed like far from the original. The latter being more of a manifestation of our foolishness (for the lack of a better word). We never learn our lesson, do we? We got to take our votes seriously. We got to put our feet down and say enough is enough. And whoever is the leader, we support him or her. Otherwise, votation and the election becomes a complete folly. For every time we tolerate the people's uprising in the form of EDSA 3,4,5,6 ... it is just okay who is on top because anyway, we can oust them anytime we want to.

I have not lost hope for the country, for freedom and for truth. As long as there remain genuine people willing to make a difference, positive change is still possible. Let the silent minority now speak – not necessarily in words but most importantly in action. The Filipino people is a brilliant population - filled with smart, talented and enduring populace. May the light of goodness shine in this land to cover the darkness that currently hovers around us. May the namesake of the Philippines as a Christian Nation be truly justified. Let us continue to pray for our country. Happy “Independence” Day!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sweet Birthday Surprise!

I celebrated my 29th birthday last week. And so far I can say it was one of the most fun birthday celebrated birthdays – which happens very rarely. Most of the time I celebrate it in quietness – lunch out or simple dinner with few close friends. Justify Full

What makes it special today is first, my mom paid me a visit. It is the first time in nine years that I celebrated my birthday with her. The last time I celebrated my birthday with her was when I was still 20. Could not believe how long it was. But not as long as the first time I took my first breath of air. Imagine 29 years ago I was but a fetus in her belly. And with her loving care and guidance I have grown to be the lady I am today. I hope I am making her proud, proud enough to suffice all her efforts and sacrifices for me. I am no longer a baby. I am a woman of my own – but I will never stop treasuring my moments with my mother. Priceless.

Adding spice to the occasion is the surprise my D-Group friends. All clad in red, they surprised me with a theme of “romantic love”. They treated me with a glimpse of what my Prince Charming would shower me when we finally meet – serenade, card, bouquet, stuffed toy, balloons, painting, chocolates, and more! I have never experienced a birthday celebration of this sort where I am put in the center of attention. Aside from celebrating my birthday on a quieter note, I am more used to be part of the background as one of the organizers and not the one on the spot light. It felt weird also kinda embarrassing because I am not used to this kind of special attention. But of course I like it. It felt good. Made me feel really special and yes, like a princess. I feel blessed to have such warm, loving and caring friends like them.

But beyond the party favors and company of special people, lies a deeper story – indicating someone special still to come. Days before my birthday, I asked for a sign. With one year left before turning 30, I do not know if it is right for me to hold on still to my heart’s desire. Must I remain in faith, believing that someday my wish will come true… that someday my Prince will come? Or will I slowly let go of the thought and start accepting the reality that there never will be… that I am meant to live a life of single blessedness? I wanted to bring myself to the proper posture and mindset in preparation of what is in store for me. I prayed for God to reveal His plans for me through first, a bible verse on my birthday and second, romantic surprise in any way.

On my birthday itself, my devotional took me to the Book of Songs. He did not only give me a verse, but the whole book itself. His word for me did not come in a line of a verse (which I hoped to expect), but in volumes of chapters. What my friends did to me was the clincher to seal off the deal. I asked for just one package of a sign, but He gave me more, if not all! Talk about God’s abounding generosity and spot-on timing. This reminds me that when God rains us with His blessings, it really pours with abundant flow. This gives me renewed strength to cease all my doubts and continue hoping, praying for my heart’s desire - my own beautiful love story…

And someday this lady, who once was a baby 29 years ago, will have a baby of her own too… And she will make a good mother – just like her own mother...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

An Ode of Thanksgiving

After rolling the stones in our family... my brother is finally healed! He is now out of the hospital. Doctors themselves were even amazed and could not figure it out.

First, till now they cannot give us a definite prognosis. Secondly, they could not expect my brother's sudden surge of recovery. We were told before of the possible outcome of my brother. He can either end with comatose or if he survives in consciousness he will have a retarded brain and could possibly have a memory of a ten year old. If not, perhaps part of his brain functions may not work well as before - which may lead to paralysis or memory lapses.

But praise God for His healing touch. What seemed irreversible, God made a difference. He is fine and doing great. He is very normal, all faculties of his brains are doing good. He can talk, run and continue his zest for life. He is back to his normal status.
This truly is a miracle. I am happy for this blessing. The mystery that clouds my brother's illness only magnifies how God works in ways that man cannot see nor fathom. Thank you Lord for your goodness. Thank you for your lovingkindness!

But the story does not end here. Beyond physical healing, I am praying for God to give my brother a spiritual revival. After all that he has been through, I pray that He draw nearer to God and seek Him as his LORD of his life.
As for me and the rest of the family, we are also on our road to recovery. While we gently roll the stones away, we are working closely together to continually finish the task. We still have our own unfinished businesses. But slowly slowly... we are on our way to getting there.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rolling Stones

Time and time and again, I have always stood by the principle that things happen for a reason. What happened to my brother is indeed a culminating consequence of some wrong decisions and choices he has made. Now, he reaps the result not only of his iniquitous habitual drinking, but even his flawed priorities and erroneous motivations. I am praying that beyond the physical healing, this experience will also restore him emotionally and spiritually.

On the other hand, it is also worthy to note that this experience is not only for my brother. This episode is for all of us in the family. How other family issues surfaced at this very time is no coincidence. The unfolding of one issue to the other serves its reason of revealing the very heart of us – as a family. The snowballing drift of events is clearly a family affair.

There is no doubt in my heart that God will heal my brother – just as He has delivered Lazarus from death. Despite of what the doctor said, nothing is impossible with Jesus. What could be more impossible than raising the dead after four days? I am claiming on God’s healing power over my brother.

However, like the story of Lazarus, before he can truly maximize his healing and enjoy his second chance in life – he needed to come out of the cave. And so, the stone enclosing the cave must be rolled by Lazarus’s family.

Like in our family’s case, we need to roll some stones that could be blocking the flow of miracle in our lives … that could be blocking the flow of love for each other …
I, for one, reflected on myself and identified the stones in my life that I needed to roll… I may have been an obedient daughter, but not necessarily good. I am rolling away the feeling of bitterness, pride and selfishness.

This experience has made me realize of my shortcomings to my family. I am truly sorry for some of the things I said (and did not say), also for some of the things I did (and did not do). No amount of remorse can bring back what has been said and done. Past is past. But it is still never too late for me to make amends. This is a very humbling experience for me. It feels like purging. It is difficult but I must submit. It is a necessary pain.
As for Papa, Mama, Li’l Sis (and Li’l Bro)… it is between them and the Lord. On my last night’s stay in my hometown I shared them this realization. Told them of this peculiar family affair we are going through and the stones we needed to roll.

As for their respective stones, it is not for me to identify for them. Things like these are never imposed. They are best to be discovered, not exposed. I have done my part in triggering and revealing to them what God could be telling us - as a family. Now I can only pray for them, rather, pray for us.

Dear Lord, please give us the strength to face our stones and roll it. Please give us the capacity to be ready to receive Your greater blessing in this family. May Your name be glorified in our lives. Amen.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bare Naked

So many things have happened to me the past month. My life right now is besieged with unrest and instability - front, back, left and center. I am so harassed with what is happening around me that I have lost the appetite to do the things I used to find solace – blogging and writing in my personal diary.

I just feel so overwhelmed that I do not even want to come in to terms with what I truly feel inside. Emotions raging inside me, I do not know which to process first. Which part of my life’s crisis should I handle first? I am afraid to hit the pen and spell them out one by one, lest I unleash a stockpile of uncontrollable sentiments.

But somehow I still want to let loose. I want to scream all these emotions out. I want to cry, in the hope that my tears would wash away the troubles of my heart. Unfortunately I cannot. Has misery consumed every part of my being - to the point of blocking my tear glands?

Life has taken me to a very unpredictable curve backed up with an assortment of complicated plot of conflicts. If I am to publicize the events of my life right now, a single movie film will not suffice. I think of a series, more like that of a soap opera.

Things at work have not been as promising as I thought it would be. I devoted most of my time and attention with work only to realize that nothing really matters. You are only as good as your past achievement. No time to relax and rest on your laurels. Deliver. Deliver. Deliver…. Knowing the perfectionist in me, I would do whatever it takes to win. But then one day, I woke up and realized that I am tired. I need a break. I want to let go. I refuse to be eaten up by this culture vulture.

Back home, my brother is beset with an unidentified illness of the brain, that caused him to have seizures and delirium, which was made more complicated with pneumonia, sodium bi-carbonated burn, UTI and fever. This once garrulous and comic energetic fellow has slowly turned to a raucous delirious monster. After few more weeks he then became a groggy, bed-ridden patient in the Intensive Care Unit, silenced by sedatives and oxygen tubes in his throat. Week after week, I witnessed his gradual deterioration. It pains to see him suffer. And it pains even more not to know its cause… and the cure.

With my brother’s case, I had to end what I deemed to be the remedy for my problem at work. I had plans of resigning and pursuing my master’s degree overseas. I really thought I had things all well planned out. But with just a click of a finger, I saw my dreams fading away and seeing again the horrors I had to face with the realities at work.

And oh it does not stop here. Of all the times to surface the issue, the stability of my parent’s marriage is put into question. Talk about perfect timing. I guess it was never intentional to let it out in the open. But people talk. Yes, they do talk about rumors and hearsays of affairs left and right. I don’t know if this is their way of consoling our family with what happened to my brother. If so, I appreciate the intention but I disapprove of their method.

I feel like being stripped off from my comfort zone – security from work, confidence with my craft, passion with what I do, persistence with my plans, hopes in my dream, and refuge from my family. What else is left to be afflicted? My heart? … my lovelife? It was long missing even before these dramatic plots.

I stand bare-naked with nothing to hold on to. I kneel down, my fist into the ground. Oh, Lord I have nothing… I am nothing. You took away all I thought I have. I thought they were mine. But I was wrong. You reminded me of my nothingness. Without You, I am nothing. You, the Creator of the universe, own everything. You give and take away... My heart will choose to say, “Blessed be Your Glorious Name.”

Be my Shelter, my Sanctuary, my Source of strength, My Life, My Everything.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Groovy Kind of Love

I had a meeting marathon today. Jumping from one meet to the other, it does feel so exhausting switching thinking caps - as I pysche myself from the varied topics of our discussion. My brain feels like exploding from all the data processing. Not only that, my lungs is panting for more air, as I facilitated most of the discussion.

At the start of the day, there was a miscommunication of the room reservations. My first meeting got delayed. Then it got extended. Like tiles of a fallen domino , I saw my series of meetings replicating the first one. I had to postpone my last meet, lest I go home so late at night.

Going back to my desk, I saw the floor almost empty.

Ahhh... valentine's day. Everyone is out already for their dates.

My peers kid me if I purposely scheduled my team evaluation on valentine's day to join me in misery. But what to do? That was the only available day left in my calendar.

I recalled my last year's valentine. A mystery man sent me a beautiful boquet. After one year, mystery unsolved. I wondered if he would drop by again. But he did not. Then again, his gesture was good enough to address a particular need I had that time. Back then, I prayed to God and asked for a sign of hope. The flowers were a sign. Through His provision, my query was answered. I have a rosy future to hope for and to look forward to... The flower giver remains anonymous. Because the point of the issue were the flowers and not the giver. It served its purpose.

Nevertheless, the quick trip back to memory lane brought nostalgia in the air. Not to mention the sight of flowers in some of my officemate's desk. Somehow, no matter how composed and contented I think I am with my present single loveless state, I cannot deny a pinch of loneliness in my heart.

Lord, what's your message of love for me this valentines?

Exhaling out a deep sigh, I sat on to my chair as I gathered the feedback evalation forms of my team. One by one, I browsed through their comments (or shall I say reactions) from their evaluation.

Mist filled my eyes until it dropped to tears... Tears of joy. I am deeply touched by their reactions.

"I am glad to have her as my superior. She empowers me to be all that I can be."

"She is my benchmark in everything I do. I want to be like her someday."

I never expected to have their comments in this form. It was their evaluation. Not mine. But somehow I got the affirmation, which perhaps I needed at that time. I felt loved.

Yes, I felt I was embraced with love by their words and by their comments. My heart is beaming. I love my team. And I would do anything for them. There are moments that I want to give up with my work. But as I look at them, I see their passion, their determination, their thirst for learning. And so I get up again and continue with the fight. It feels heartwarming to know that they acknowledge and appreciate the things I do for them. And despite our little age difference, I feel like I am a mother and them - my kids.

Aahhh... So this is love? And yes, it feels good. Really good. Genuine concern,
deep compassion, selfless commitment - seeking the best interest not for my own but for them.

Lord, thank you for your Valentine message. Thank you for opening my eyes to realize a different kind of love.

I look out the window and see a quite a few couples flocking their way in to a mall nearby. Valentine dates. Theirs may be a differnt kind of love. Genuine? or Superficial? True love? or Lust of the Flesh? I don't know. But one thing for sure, the kind of love I have discovered right now is something real, rare and unique.

Happy Valentines day!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Supernatural Powers

If there’s a supernatural power I wish I could have right now – that would be the ability to freeze time.

I look at my planner and half of my to-do list is highlighted in yellow, signaling me that I still have an excess of pending things way past my target deadline!!! And this still does not include my personal errands. And oh, how much I hate missing deadlines and deviating from my planned agenda!

Coming from a series of road shows, regional cascades and business trips, plus church activities, group outings and get-together, I feel like everyone has a piece of me but myself. In my dire need for a personal bonding time with myself I look at my calendar and the only vacant slot that remains is already in March. Even my weekends are fully booked. Amidst my busy schedule and people-filled activities - I miss myself.

Oh sun, be still. With my mounting tasks (and counting…) to finish, I am in dire state. I am a juggler, an acrobat, a fire fighter, a racehorse jockey. Unfortunately, I am no super hero.

Am I complaining? I am sorry. I do not want to complain. I should always carry a positive attitude of praise and thanksgiving in my heart. My work is a gift. At least I have a job. My friends are gifts. They are treasures. My time is a gift. And yes, I should apportion a piece of that gift for myself too.

I may not be a super hero, but I am a princess (deep in my heart I believe I am!). Grace under pressure. Breathe in, breath out. Relax. Chill. Serve the people with a smile. Ask help from my Heavenly Father, the King, to help me manage my schedule…. Daddy, will you please help me?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Work Life Balance

First week of my work in 2008 and I have already broken my New Year’s resolution to go home from work before 8:00 PM. After one month, the chain continuous.

I am a hard worker. I am told that many are inspired to see the passion I have for my job. I do not do things just for the sake of doing it. Everything I do has got to be of value and of meaning to me. An officemate even once described me as a panther with my ways at work.

Although I just realized today over lunch that at some point my love for my job is leading me towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Thanks to Sherleen who rocked my boat.

Sherleen: How’s your vacation plans?

Me: Umm, there are some requirements I still need to fix and get.

Sherleen: Didn’t you plan to fix them a year ago?

Me: Well, I got no time. Am so busy with work I am left with no choice but to postpone it.
Sigh! It’s always like that. In my calendar, the things that always get to be sacrificed are my personal agenda.

Sherleen: Wait, wait wait… Don’t you think it should be the other way around? It is your life we are talking about. Shouldn’t you manage your LIFE more than your job? Shouldn’t you give more priority to your personal life?

Then there was silence…

Slowly digesting her words, while I slowly sipped on my lemonade, I felt the citric acid gushing through my throat staright to my brains. Working on like a citrus bleach on my clouded, over-worked and rusty-stained brains, I felt illuminated. It is like all this time I was facing a wall which I never knew was there.

I recalled my statement. Hearing myself for the second time, made me ask, “Where was I all these time?” Have I hinged my identity on my work? Do I work to live? Or do I live to work?

As I think about it, I felt I have sacrificed some of the simple things that give me pleasure in order to give way for my work like blogging, reading, crafts, and scrapbooking. But not only that, but even essential personal errands like going to the bank, picking my clothes from the laundry, paying my bills on time and the likes.

Oops! Which reminds me, I need to settle my bills right now before interest rates get higher any further, and until work beckons. Got to go….