Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Independence Day

It has always been an inherent part of the Filipino history, of the Filipino culture, to fight for freedom and truth. But what is freedom? Are we truly free? Do we have ultimate freedom? Can we say we are truly free when we are left with nothing but to face an option between lesser evil? And what is truth? Truth is like a medicine, so strong that sometimes it needs to be dilluted.

Since I graduated I have chosen to remain apolitical. Whoever is on top, I give my support. And whatever their decisions, as long as they remain within the bounds of morality, I give my support. Some might consider it a shame, having no backbone, no stance at all. But I choose this position for peace - my own peace of mind and my peace contribution to the Filipino society. If I continue to oppose the leadership, what good will it bring to the country but division and confusion? Besides, those who are at the opposition, they have their own vested interests too. 

I used to be so passionate about the Philippine politics. In fact, I cried for the assassination of Andres Bonifacio when I was studying history in college. I used to join a few rallies myself. Until one anti-Erap campaign, I recognized some familiar faces who rallied for putting Erap himself into place - a year before. Crossing fences? Were they sincere with their motives? Or they found a better opportunity at the other side? Then I realized that the fight, disguised behind an alias called freedom and truth, is actually named power and influence. 

The EDSA revolution was indeed a monumental feat for us Filipinos. But to me, EDSA 2 ... seemed like far from the original. The latter being more of a manifestation of our foolishness (for the lack of a better word). We never learn our lesson, do we? We got to take our votes seriously. We got to put our feet down and say enough is enough. And whoever is the leader, we support him or her. Otherwise, votation and the election becomes a complete folly. For every time we tolerate the people's uprising in the form of EDSA 3,4,5,6 ... it is just okay who is on top because anyway, we can oust them anytime we want to.

I have not lost hope for the country, for freedom and for truth. As long as there remain genuine people willing to make a difference, positive change is still possible. Let the silent minority now speak – not necessarily in words but most importantly in action. The Filipino people is a brilliant population - filled with smart, talented and enduring populace. May the light of goodness shine in this land to cover the darkness that currently hovers around us. May the namesake of the Philippines as a Christian Nation be truly justified. Let us continue to pray for our country. Happy “Independence” Day!