Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sweet Birthday Surprise!

I celebrated my 29th birthday last week. And so far I can say it was one of the most fun birthday celebrated birthdays – which happens very rarely. Most of the time I celebrate it in quietness – lunch out or simple dinner with few close friends. Justify Full

What makes it special today is first, my mom paid me a visit. It is the first time in nine years that I celebrated my birthday with her. The last time I celebrated my birthday with her was when I was still 20. Could not believe how long it was. But not as long as the first time I took my first breath of air. Imagine 29 years ago I was but a fetus in her belly. And with her loving care and guidance I have grown to be the lady I am today. I hope I am making her proud, proud enough to suffice all her efforts and sacrifices for me. I am no longer a baby. I am a woman of my own – but I will never stop treasuring my moments with my mother. Priceless.

Adding spice to the occasion is the surprise my D-Group friends. All clad in red, they surprised me with a theme of “romantic love”. They treated me with a glimpse of what my Prince Charming would shower me when we finally meet – serenade, card, bouquet, stuffed toy, balloons, painting, chocolates, and more! I have never experienced a birthday celebration of this sort where I am put in the center of attention. Aside from celebrating my birthday on a quieter note, I am more used to be part of the background as one of the organizers and not the one on the spot light. It felt weird also kinda embarrassing because I am not used to this kind of special attention. But of course I like it. It felt good. Made me feel really special and yes, like a princess. I feel blessed to have such warm, loving and caring friends like them.

But beyond the party favors and company of special people, lies a deeper story – indicating someone special still to come. Days before my birthday, I asked for a sign. With one year left before turning 30, I do not know if it is right for me to hold on still to my heart’s desire. Must I remain in faith, believing that someday my wish will come true… that someday my Prince will come? Or will I slowly let go of the thought and start accepting the reality that there never will be… that I am meant to live a life of single blessedness? I wanted to bring myself to the proper posture and mindset in preparation of what is in store for me. I prayed for God to reveal His plans for me through first, a bible verse on my birthday and second, romantic surprise in any way.

On my birthday itself, my devotional took me to the Book of Songs. He did not only give me a verse, but the whole book itself. His word for me did not come in a line of a verse (which I hoped to expect), but in volumes of chapters. What my friends did to me was the clincher to seal off the deal. I asked for just one package of a sign, but He gave me more, if not all! Talk about God’s abounding generosity and spot-on timing. This reminds me that when God rains us with His blessings, it really pours with abundant flow. This gives me renewed strength to cease all my doubts and continue hoping, praying for my heart’s desire - my own beautiful love story…

And someday this lady, who once was a baby 29 years ago, will have a baby of her own too… And she will make a good mother – just like her own mother...