Sunday, June 01, 2008

An Ode of Thanksgiving

After rolling the stones in our family... my brother is finally healed! He is now out of the hospital. Doctors themselves were even amazed and could not figure it out.

First, till now they cannot give us a definite prognosis. Secondly, they could not expect my brother's sudden surge of recovery. We were told before of the possible outcome of my brother. He can either end with comatose or if he survives in consciousness he will have a retarded brain and could possibly have a memory of a ten year old. If not, perhaps part of his brain functions may not work well as before - which may lead to paralysis or memory lapses.

But praise God for His healing touch. What seemed irreversible, God made a difference. He is fine and doing great. He is very normal, all faculties of his brains are doing good. He can talk, run and continue his zest for life. He is back to his normal status.
This truly is a miracle. I am happy for this blessing. The mystery that clouds my brother's illness only magnifies how God works in ways that man cannot see nor fathom. Thank you Lord for your goodness. Thank you for your lovingkindness!

But the story does not end here. Beyond physical healing, I am praying for God to give my brother a spiritual revival. After all that he has been through, I pray that He draw nearer to God and seek Him as his LORD of his life.
As for me and the rest of the family, we are also on our road to recovery. While we gently roll the stones away, we are working closely together to continually finish the task. We still have our own unfinished businesses. But slowly slowly... we are on our way to getting there.