Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Blog


Hello blog world, it has been ages since I last dropped by… Life has been extremely busy, wild and crazy that it has deprived me the luxury to visit my little pink patio - my place of solace, my outlet of emotions, my garden of thoughts.

And as I write now, I wonder… Does anybody care?...  But it matters not. My main motivation for blogging is actually for myself.  I just wanted to own a space for me, a lair I can dominate, a kingdom I can own – if I cannot have this, under the sun, at least I can recreate it here in world wide web.  It feels empowering knowing you have your mark in this side of the world.  

For me, it’s not about being read, it’s more about being written…So even if I am the sole reader of this blog, I will still continue to write. But while I would love to write more, the realities of the world beckon.  Got to go!  But oh, how much I miss to blog.  Space I now have.  But time... time is a different story :(