Friday, October 02, 2009

Bad Weather Weekend

Last Saturday I woke up and was greeted by a dark gloomy room. I checked my watch it’s already 9:00 am, and it seemed like it’s still 5:00 am. My room faces the east and everyday I am greeted by the morning sun. But not this time. I stood by my window and saw the gray clouds in tears. Oh, it is going to be a bed weather weekend for me.

Miraculously, it was one of those rare days when no external appointment nor meetings were scheduled for the day. Before I decided to go back to bed, I decided to take a quick look at my facebook. And to my surpirse, I read through accounts of rising waters and people stranded here and there. My bed weather weekend slowly turned into bad weather weekend.

I suddenly became worried, I glued myself in the net waiting for updates. I found reports of cars and even houses submerged under water; people running at the roof tops; men walking over electric posts. I whispered a short prayer for them… and suddenly our lights went off. We had no electricity. I wondered how come we have no electricity when we have a generator set in the building? I checked the hallway.. Yep, it’s definitely brown out. Elevators are down. I panicked for a while. What shall i do? I sat in total darkness, staring at the wall. My flash light ran out of battery. I found myself in the middle of nothing to do, but pray. After an an hour, the generator started to work. Hurray! I can go back on line to check the bad weather weekend.

Suddenly, I felt hungry. Only to realize I have nothing in my ref but water and bread. In fact, I should already be thankful I have bread. I wanted to call in for food delivery. But I fear for the delivery man. He might be harmed on his way here. For his safety, better contend with the bread. I had bread for brunch and dinner. My stomach is grumbling. Oh, this hungry and bad weather weekend for me!

But these are only minor inconveniences compared to the rest who were badly affected: wet, stranded, damaged, and some of them dead. My prayers are with the victims of the typhoon Ondoy. I pray for their strength and faith; May they see the beauty of God even amidst the deluge. I pray for their fast recovery. May they see that despite the bad weather, we have a good and mighty God.

While another typhoon is said to arrive tonight at 9:00, I am praying that we spared from the second “super typhoon”, who is reported to be gustier than the one who visited us last weekend. I am praying that we be spared, and may the typhoon be diverted from passing through the land fall. May we be spared from another bad weather weekend tomorrow.