Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Love Story Waiting to Unfold

Ok, so today is valentine's day. Big deal. It's just a day capitalized by chocolate companies, florists, and greeting card makers. Not so bitter am I? .... Actually, no. Because for me, everyday is valentine's day. Everyday brings me a day closer until my love story will unfold. I do not know when that time will come, but I try my best to be ready.

And yeah, since today is valentine's day, in celebration with the season, here's a prose I wrote not so long ago...

Another day has come
I go out to meet the sun.
I ask to myself, "Will this be the day?"

All my life, I have been waiting.
Embraced by loneliness and doubt,
I go out to find my bliss.
I searched the mountains and the valleys
I flowed through the rivers and the tide.

Until I found a cute little frog.
Along the shore with glee,
I skipped and I hopped with frog prince.
Up and down the rainbows we ran.
The world so colorful and bright.
I did not notice the clouds turning gray.
Come rain, come shine,
Frog prince and I, weaving a beautiful love story.
Our love is a perfect blend,
Nothing can break through the fabric of our love.

Then one fine day,
A butterfly came along our way.
Frog prince ran to chase the butterfly,
Never to come back.

Another day has come,
I got out to meet the sun.
I ask to myself, "Will this be the day?"

I waited for him to come back.
Embraced by loneliness and doubt
I drowned my pillows with tears.
I searched the mountains and the valleys,
I filled the rivers and the tide.

Until I found the love of God.
Along the shore in tears,
I sobbed and hounded to my God.
Up and down the throes of my emotions,
The radiance of God's love shines the brightest.
Coming down on my knees
I asked God to write me a beautiful love story.
For His will is good, pleasing and perfect.
Nothing can go better than God's best.

I am excited for that one fine day,
For my beloved true prince to come my way.
He runs swiftly to me,
Never to part.

Another day has come,
I go out to meet the Son,
I say to myself, "To this very day, God is writing
A beautiful love story for me."


Anonymous said...

My friend,keep perserving :), as you said God is your matchmaker, your knight in shining armor will come and be your fairy tale one day, just believe my friend :)