Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Love, My Munchkin, My Man

If you have a wonderful man, who is not perfect, but is perfect for you, who works hard and would do anything for you, who makes you laugh and is your best friend, whom you want to grow old with, who is your world and someone you are thankful for every night ... 
Then you know exactly what I feel. :) 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Look

After quite a long furlough in my Pink Patio, I noticed cobwebs glistening all over the place.  So now not only have I decided to shoo away the dirt, dust and cobwebs, I have decided to give it a makeover. 

Time for some upgrade.  It took me weeks to configure how.  And thanks to Gis & Birdie's help, Pink Patio is sparkingly "new" and pretty!

Enjoy the renovated look of Pink Patio.  New design but still the same heart, the same soul, the same me... only better, wiser, stronger me... Pink Patio Princess. XOXO

Monday, July 26, 2010

6 Monthsary

Tomorrow marks the 6th monthsary of my great outback adventure, here in the land down under. And so far, it has been a journey of surprises and unexpected twists.

Before coming here, I had a rosy picture of living a life in a foreign country. But I forgot roses have thorns too.  The global financial crisis has made the job search like diving for precious pearls.  I applied for all sorts of jobs from sales, marketing, human resources, administration, and even went far outside the box of trying my luck in coffee shops, cleaning jobs, factory assembly line and nearly babysitting jobs.  

Modesty aside, I am an accomplished person and I have achieved a lot in life.  But the job hunting experience was a truly humbling exercise.  I felt back to ground zero. All my accomplishments amounted to nothing, as if they never existed.  I cannot land a job even for the lowest grade, no brainer position.

And just when I was about to give up the hunt and start considering packing my bags homeward-bound, an opportunity was opened for me to work as a legal secretary in a law firm.  I have no background in law, much more in a foreign land!  But when opportunity knocks, you got to pounce on it.  And pounce on it I did.  Never in my wildest dreams did I consider working for a law firm, but here I am right now.  Pretty in pink, feeling "legally blonde".

Another surprise is my changed lifestyle.  I can now leave work by 5:30pm. Hurray!!! I then expected to have more time to attend to my hobbies, blogging included.  But then again, I was proven wrong.  Never did I realize how my domestic chores would increase twofolds.  Cost of living is higher than my home country.  Thus, I am forced to do my own laundry, ironing and cooking.  And surprisingly leaving me no enough time to blog when I am home.  I barely can sit and do nothing.  There is always a chore that needs to be done.

Yes, I am now living a simple life.  I am forcibly cured from my shop-aholism.  Before, I can buy whatever my heart and eyes desire.  Now, I contend to window shopping and when I say contend, I mean literally feeling contented looking at the pretty displays.  Oh, how I loved to shop before.  But now, I feel no appetite for it.  No more shoes of different colors.  No more coordinating bags and belt to match it.  Simple.  Me.

But the biggest surprise came when I met my munchkin.  Never thought the old cliche of love coming at the most unexpected time would apply to me, not at this time.  When I landed here, I was gung-ho in settling myself and finding a job.  Man hunting was least in my priority.  But the irony of love truly comes at the most unexpected time, even when you feel no need of it, and no matter how cliche it sounds - its truth cannot be denied. Tried and Tested.  

Now, the lovelorn damsel is lonely no more.  I am happy and so much in love. I am pampered and treated like a princess by my munchkin.  How sweet indeed to love and be loved.  He puts a song in my heart.  And despite the coldest days, I feel comfort in the warmth of his embrace.  Yes, that is my sweet sugar munchkin. He, who has made my dark lonely nights into ancient history.  No matter what crap the day throws at me, my munchkin manages to make up for it with his simple little ways and his small sweet surprises.

Happy six months to me.  Looking back, when I was desperately scrambling for survival, I never expected to stay longer, lest reach six months.  But now I have! Wow, home is now slowly sounding ages and miles away.  

Lord, thank you for everything.  And even if things did not fall according to what I expected, You managed to surprise me according to Your great plan and Your timelines. I know things happen for a reason.  Let me see things according to Your perspective.  To move on despite adversities; To persevere in trying times; To appreciate the small blessings and sweet surprises that come to me at the most unexpected time, and even in the most unexpected packaging.  Please continue to be with me.  Lead me to a better and sweeter journey ahead of me as I move forward.  And best of all,  let me hold my munchkin's hand until the sunset of our lives.