Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love is Love

The language of love has many dialects.  It is expressed in various ways. Let me count the ways...

Love is watching my favorite TV series, Gossip Girl, with my Munchkin while he groans and comments against the characters, nitpicking on their flaws and telling me that I am prettier than Blair or Serena, until he drifts off to sleep.

Love is eating rocky road ice cream with my Munchkin and setting aside all the almonds for me to eat.  Not because he doesn't like almonds (in fact he likes almonds) but because I love almonds.

Love is smiling and posing at the camera to take our snapshots, even if my Munchkin does not want to be photographed.  Munchkin's mum calls it a forced smile.  But I think he looks all handsome to me.

Love is turning the heating on to a full volume because I am shivering, even if my Munchkin feels like it is "hotter than the sun".

Love is patiently listening to my concerns and woes about my work, my day, my life.  Always there to lend his ear and give his strong arms to lean on.

Love is patiently trying to answer my endless and sometimes crazy and outrageous rhetorical questions. My Munchkin pausing for a moment to think, then sigh, then answer them the best way he could.

Love is listening and absorbing our conversations, to the point of remembering the tiniest and even most trivial facts that I never expect my munchkin would remember.  Because it means, he is giving me his utmost attention - even the the words not spoken.

Love is telling me I am beautiful, even when I am stressed and undone.

Love is going to church with me.

Love is loving me and treating me like a princess.

All these and more.  Even the tiniest thing can speak volumes on love's expression.  Because little things don't mean a lot.  They mean everything.