Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love's Poet

My Munchkin is the most rational and logical person I have ever met.  However, despite the logical wiring of his brain, he does not fall short in showering me with sweet emotional affections and speak along the wavelengths of my love language.  At a touch of love, my Munchkin transforms into the sweetest poet in the world:

1) While we were still at earlier part of our relationship, we were having coffee and someone sent him a call ...

Me: Why won't you answer the phone?

Munchkin: I am with you right now, so which means that cannot be important.  It can wait.

Me: Mmmmm... Who could it be?  Must be another girl. Hehehe (teasing him)

Munchkin: I only have two women in my life right now.  And that is you and my mother.

2) After having a bad day at work, I was pouring out to him my sentiments ...

Me: ... Hey, sorry for unloading my worries and concerns to you.  

Munchkin:  No, don't be sorry.  That's what I am here for.

3) When I went to his house one Friday night after work, as I opened the door ...

Me: Hmmmm! Smells good!

Munchkin:  I am preparing a nice meal for my princess, so that as soon as she opens the door, she can smell it.

4) While window shopping at a home storage solution store, I was gushing over the dressing room and storage solution set...

Me:  Oh.. I like this!!! It is my dream to have a dressing room or at least a walk-in closet.

Munchkin:  Someday, I will make that dream come true for you.

5) While we were having dinner...

Me: Where do you see yourself retiring?  Australia or UK?

Munchkin:  I still don't know... Who knows, Philippines might be a good option.

6) While watching Gossip Girl ...

Me:  Baby, who do you think is more beautiful?  Blair or Serena?

Munchkin:  They are all right, but not as beautiful as you.

7) When he was deciding whether or not stay in Australia or go back to UK ...

Me: You decide on what's best for you.  Do not worry about me here.  I want what's best for you.

Munchkin:  You are the best for me.

8) While we were having a major life-altering situation ...

Me:  Are you prepared to lose me?

Munchkin:  I am prepared to fight for you.


BabyPink said...

Ang sweet naman ni Munchkin! I'm happy for you, girl! You deserve all the happiness! :)