Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pink Rantings

I was reading a magazine, and a quote from Rihanna, struck me:

"I am not dating anyone right now.  Dating is so uncool.  That's why I just talk to my fans in twitter."

When I read that line, I was like, yes, we are on the same page on this one.

A friend advised me that the easiest and quickest way to move on, is to find a new love, or at least go out meet new guys, not to build relationship but as a  way of distraction, just to take my mind off Munchkin.

However, I am not a believer of that.  People are not objects to be used as a distraction tool.  I do not want that to be done to me.  So why do it to them?  And secondly, I do not want to lie to myself.  Who am I kidding?  The more I force myself, the more my heart will unleash its tantrum. And this would only make me a grumpy company. I have my mean streak as well. It happens rarely, but when it does... Rawr!  When I am mean, I am mean.  

So yeah, Rihanna is right, dating is uncool, especially if the feeling is not right.  Why bother?  Why even try to pretend?  Why force it?

Whilst Rihanna devours all her attention on Twitter talking to fans, I have this blog and a small offline journal which serves as the mouthpiece of my heart. And sometimes, whenever I feel like sending a text message to Munchkin, I text it to myself.

Rihanna has her fans to talk to.  I have none.  Hahaha. I am not sure how many people read my blog (although I am a bit surprised by the positive and encouraging comments left by few "strangers" in my some of my posts - thank you).  But it's all right,  Even if no one reads it, it just feels good to express, rant, and let it all out!  After writing I feel much better and positive.

With "S" away for two weeks, I am practically home alone, on my own.  It is tough and lonely.  I try to be strong.  I try not to cry.  I try to eat.  I try to ignore the emptiness.  And so I shout out all my emotions by writing and doodling in my journal. I am nearly running out of pages in my journal.  So I might just as well blog it all away here then.  

Sorry, this is a very negative piece.  I just want to rant...

This too shall pass. There are better days ahead.