Friday, November 30, 2012

A Life Learner's New Assignment

I believe that life is an everyday ongoing process of learning.  We are not mere sojourners in this life, but we all are learners.  We ought to live to and pass the test at our lives' final examination, when our time comes to face the audience of One.

Problems and trials are part of the curriculum.  Don't quit, don't drop out. Because just like some of the laws of physics that we have already forgotten about, these problems and trials fade away, but the lessons that we learn from them last a lifetime.

Life is not perfect and we may feel as if we have failed.  Chin up.  It is not failure, it is called experience.  A failure is only a failure if you have failed to learn the lesson.

It can be difficult to understand some of the life lessons that come our way.  Some things are not meant to be understood though.  They just need to be accepted... and perhaps, in time they will be understood.  And when you look back in to the future, you will soon be able to connect the dots and see the bigger picture.  It just takes time.  Life is a lesson of patience and endurance.

Remember, the hardest lesson to learn are those that our souls need the most.  We can't experience victory, if we have not encountered defeat.  We can't enjoy success, if we have not met obstacles. We cannot appreciate wealth, if we have not gone through a period of poverty. We can't celebrate love, if we have not experienced rejection.

The people we encounter are part of life's assignment to us.  We are here to support, help, inspire and motivate each other.  

More than ever, my experience has given me increased compassion and awareness of other people's pain.  I do not want to put my pain in vain.  There has got the be a bigger reason than this this.  Something bigger than myself.  This has catapulted me to step out of my selfish little world and put myself out there - to be of help.  Suddenly doors of opportunities for me to help has opened up. Friends from different parts of the world message me for help and advice.  Thanks to modern communications technology, we would usually chat online or exchange several long email messages.  

But one thing amazing is, the more I help other people with their problems, the more I grow, the more I learn.  Helping them is in a way helping myself too.  This is giving me brand new inspiration right now.  So much so, that I have created a new blog page (via Facebook), open for all my friends to access.  (I just cannot bring myself to share this Pink Patio blog.  I feel that this is too personal for me to share it to them.)

I have called it "Life and Love" and the posts are generally summation of some topics that I have shared and discussed with my friends, including nuggets of learnings that I have picked up from my own experience.  It has some slight touches of Pink Patio but I do not share the specifics. So far, it has not generated a lot of following.  But I do not mind.  My goal is not popularity but solidarity.  If I am able to speak to the heart of even just one person, one friend, who needs to hear my message the most, then to me, I have already done my part.  I have already said my piece.

I am a life learner enthusiast. I take notes and reflect hard. I am a day dreamer, a word weaver and a soul searcher.  I am starting to share my life's little notes to the bigger public.  Admittedly, I do not know the secret to living a happy life, nor the key on how to pass life's surprising pop quizzes, oratorical examinations and what have you, in flying colors.  But I know how it is to need that extra help to make it through. I have had some "failures" that I charge it to experience. Indeed, experience is such and expensive thing.  And if experience was a real transaction, I would be in debt by the millions by now. But my story does not end there.  I am learning to rise again from my fall.

I hope that through this, my friends may learn a lesson or two and will be motivated and inspired to pursue meaning in their lives.  My morale comes from a good heart, great intention to inspire others, and humble motivation to manifest God's greater glory.


Patio Princess said...

Hi Anonymous.

Thank you for your encouraging words. We are all students on this lesson called life. And it is fun sharing notes. This way we get to learn more and discover more.

I have learned a lesson or two from your words of wisdom too. Thank you.

I was not expecting an apology from you with regard to your previous comments. Sometimes I need to be jolted to the truth (SOMETIMES!) :) ... But since you have said that you are sorry, then apology accepted. :) This way you get to know that I am not ignoring your humble apologies.

Hope one day you would share your blog to me (if you have one).

Thank you again for your words. I may have not met you, but to me, you are my classmate in this school of life.

Let us spread the word, spread the joy, spread the light, spread the love!

Have wonderful Christmas time with you and your family. And may you fill your Christmas feast with that sizzling chili crabs. :)


Patio Princess said...

Hi Crab Anonymous.

Thank you for your encouraging comments, bible verse reminder and you prayer of healing, recovery and brighter days.

You have wisdom and you also have ways with words that springs life and encouragement. In fact, your comments that you leave on my pages are blog-worthy pieces already. You don't have to try hard enough to write a good article.

Think big and light it up for 2013! I like the sound of it.

I do hope too that they new year will usher new possibilities for you: new blog, conquering chili crabs and dominating the dating market... I am pretty sure you will. When there is a will, there is a way!

Make way, the new year is coming and something good is in store. Prepare yourself, so when th time is ripe, you are ready.