Monday, December 03, 2012

Birthday Blog-o-gram

For the past consecutive nights I have been dreaming about MunchK again.  I have not dreamt about him for long now.  And recently his face, his touch, his smile is coming back to tease me again.  But this time, no more tears when I wake up.  I just tell myself that it is all but a dream.  That is all there is to right now.  No more than just a dream.

As I get myself out from my bed and start on with my morning routine, I ponder on how this is suddenly coming back to me all over again.  Must be because of his forthcoming birthday in a couple of days from now.  

As much as my Bluebird heart longs to greet him, it also does not want to disturb him, most especially not on his day.  I do not want to cause anything that might disrupt him.  As long as he is happy, then I am happy. That's the best  and the only gift I can ever give him at this moment.

Although I still sometimes wish we could be friends.  Perhaps now is not the right time yet. Perhaps someday that can be his gift to me too. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...  

Nevertheless, I remind myself to be generous and to give without expecting anything back in return.   

I am fine, I am OK. I have learnt to accept everything.  I embrace it. I have stopped the struggle. The worst is over.  I am learning to find peace and contentment. I am getting better.  I am free.  I am alive.  I am hopeful.  I am actually... H A P P Y.

Happy birthday MunchK! I am going to blow happy candles on your birthday and will make a wish for you. I wish you peace, happiness and love. I wish that your birthday will be great and that you get to be pampered like a prince. May you cap your day with a sweet night of birthday dreams and may your birthday dreams come true.